Head Coach Bill Lynch's Weekly Press Conference - Nov. 22

    Go Hoosiers! Bill Lynch and the Hoosiers head to West Lafayette for Saturday's Old Oaken Bucket showdown with Purdue.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Bill Lynch and the Hoosiers head to West Lafayette for Saturday's Old Oaken Bucket showdown with Purdue.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 22, 2010


    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Head Coach Bill Lynch, fifth-year senior quarterback Ben Chappell and senior linebacker Tyler Replogle met with members of the media on Monday to discuss last weekend's game vs. Penn State and look forward to this weekend's Old Oaken Bucket game at Purdue.

    Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "It was a really good football game at Penn State. At least it was for the first three quarters. They're obviously a very good football program and a good, solid team, and we just couldn't overcome our mistakes that we made late in the third quarter with the punt and then following it up with a turnover. Those were the two things that really hurt us. I was really proud of the way our guys battled, coming back from a tough loss the week before. They were well prepared and even though we were down 14-0, I never felt on the sideline like this thing was going to get away from us. I really felt like we were going to move the ball, score some points and that's exactly what happened. Then the field position flopped on us a bit and then of course the blocked punt.

    "It was a tough loss, certainly for a lot of reasons, same as I told you guys on Saturday. I really feel bad for our guys because of how hard they've worked. One of the primary goals they had for the season was to go to a bowl game and that opportunity is no longer there. But I do think one of the good things of having a rivalry game in the last week of the season is that there is a lot to play for.

    "Being Purdue week and getting a chance to play these guys and try to get the bucket back in Bloomington, I know our guys will be excited for that opportunity. I certainly look forward to getting them back in here this afternoon and getting going.



    "Their routines are different this week because it's Thanksgiving week. It's a little different for the Big Ten because generally we are done the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but we are all playing this weekend. Today and tomorrow, being school days, our routine will remain the same. Wednesday will change. Since there isn't class on Wednesday, we are going to practice earlier because after practice we are letting our non-travel guys go home. We will be working Wednesday morning, and then Wednesday evening we will probably do something as a team. Thursday we will practice in the morning and then in the evening have a nice team Thanksgiving dinner. We will bring our families and everybody up to the Hall of Champions and then of course Friday will be mostly normal before heading up to West Lafayette. That part of it changes a little bit, but having done this in the past at other places, it works and it will be fun to be playing on Thanksgiving Saturday. There are a lot of other games this weekend and playing a rivalry game like this for something will be good.

    "I thought there were three performances that were just outstanding on Saturday. I thought Tandon Doss put on an amazing performance. If you have the chance to watch every play that he played beginning from the opening kickoff and him running down to make the tackle. I don't think he's done that all year. He was on our kick coverage team, he caught the ball, and he ran with the ball. He is just a great football player and I thought he really played a great game. To go along with that, I thought Terrance Turner played very well on the outside as well. On the defensive side, Tyler Replogle. For a guy that has been beat up as much as he and couldn't play at Wisconsin, to play with his effort, intensity and as well as he played, he is one of those special football players. I thought those guys really have played well all year, but I thought Saturday they really had great performances."

    On Ryan Kerrigan and Purdue's defense:
    "I think Ryan Kerrigan is as good of football player as there is in the country. He is an amazing football player and he has been throughout his career. I don't know of anybody that plays harder than he does. He is relentless, and he has all these sacks, but also a ton of tackles for loss and forced fumbles. A lot of those are in the run game. When you watch him, you think how are you going to pass block him. More importantly, how are you going to run block him because he is relentless. What they have done in terms of a defensive standpoint, they are a very good defensive football team and like many of us, have improved as the year has gone on. They have some younger guys that play in the back that have played very well. They have a solid linebacking corp that has played very well. And their whole front four is very good. There are only certain guys in the country that when you turn on the tape, it doesn't take you long that 94 [Kerrigan] just jumps out at you. It's because he is such a high-effort, high-energy football player. Not only the sacks but also the tackles for loss and the strips. They really strip the ball and recover fumbles. They have had some important interceptions returned for scores here recently, but they legitimately played Wisconsin in the first half and the same with Michigan. And again with Michigan State [last weekend]. Those last three games were legitimate defensive efforts against very good teams."

    On Purdue's offense:
    "I have a lot of respect for what they have done. They have had an incredible amount of injuries to such key people. When you lose your quarterbacks, it is very difficult to bounce back from that. And when you lose a series of them in different ways, they have had to battle through that. Same thing losing tailbacks and wide receivers. They have lost some very good football players and I think it's a real credit to how they have made adjustments and are utilizing the personnel that they have. In a different way than I'm sure they expected to be using them when they went through spring practice, the summer and preseason camp. That's why it's a real credit to their staff and players that they have made the adjustments that they have. Sometimes you can't just look at numbers. What they have done to put themselves in a position to win football games against Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State, it's a team game and there are a lot of different ways you can win football games. I think there are a lot of similarities between Purdue and Indiana right now in terms of battling through some things and continually competing. I have been very impressed with them and I'm sure Coach Hope feels the same way about his team."

    On this week's motivation:
    "I think if you overdo it, then you get your guys playing out of their normal routine. Our guys know how big this is. They know it's their last game, and the seniors last game. They know how important it is to win this game, get the bucket back here and finish this season off that has had its tough times and disappointments. You don't have to conjure anything up to try and get them excited about this game. That's the beauty of having a trophy or rivalry game the last game of the year. It's a one-game season in itself and the opportunity to play your rival to get the bucket back here would be big for this football program."

    On Purdue's injuries:
    "I think when you lose your number one quarterback, arguably the top returning receiver in the Big Ten, a tailback that they were counting on, all really early, you have to start making adjustments. It's hard for me to say what exactly their plans were going into the season, but they have certainly relied on finding creative ways to run the football. With quarterback runs, using different backs, and using what we call decide plays, which are a spread offense version of option football. They have done creative things with that. They have been a very good bootleg and misdirection team, and they have incorporated that into their offense. Their running game numbers are very good as result of it. And then at the same time, they have made some big plays in the passing game as well. It's hard for me to sit here and say that's what they were going to do because I don't know that, but I do know they are doing some things different. What is impressive is that they put themselves in position to win football games. If you play great defense, take care of the ball, find a way to keep it out of the other guys hands, be good in the special teams, and they have done all of that. We know we are playing a very good football team that emotionally will be like ours. I'm sure they went into this thing hoping to be a bowl team, but they're not. They want to keep the bucket and send their seniors off with a big win in their last game in Ross Ade. Two very similar teams playing each other [on Saturday]."

    On Purdue quarterback Rob Henry:
    "He is a big, strong and fast athlete. He truly has great speed. I was watching a television program where they said he was the second-fastest player on the team, and when you watch him he can really go. He is a big guy, too. [Sean] Robinson is also a great athlete. He is young and I know he was recruited by a lot of people to be an athlete and not just a quarterback. They have athletic players."

    On changing the routine for game preparation each week:
    "That is one aspect of the game the media and others are not so privy to seeing what motivational tools we use inside the locker room. Certainly there are things that will stay in the locker room and that is how every football program in America operates. Like we do each week, we try to get them ready to play. Now, every week is a little bit different, but the routine is the same in the sense if you watch our practices. We are not going to suddenly go play tough football or play a pick-up game. You have to rep what you do offensively and defensively. We are certainly going to do what it takes to get the team ready to play. Our goal on Saturday is to give the kids the best opportunity to win. Now, the routine does change in terms of not having class. It is hard to change some of the routine due to NCAA rules. You have so many hours a week you can work with them and then they still have to go to class. We are not able to get the team in the meeting rooms until 3 p.m. and then we have to be off the field at a certain time because some players have 7:15 p.m. classes. In terms of how we get them ready, there are always different things we do."

    On ending the season with a loss:
    "I don't think there is any question it hurts more. The last game always stays with you. I don't care if it's a rivalry game or not. I have coached at places where the last game of the season was not a rivalry game. Losing that last game is a different environment in the offseason. When it is a rivalry game, it certainly sits with you longer and when it is a blowout, it sits with you even longer. There is no kidding around that. Just like teams playing in the BCS national championship game; the loser in that game will reflect on that loss longer than anything else even though they had a great season. That is the unfortunate thing about sports. When you lose that last game, you expect it to stay with you for a while."

    On whether he expects to use Ben Chappell and Edward Wright-Baker together this week:
    "Maybe. I would say they probably both will play a little bit, but I do not know how much. Now, last week was different in the sense that Dusty Kiel was hurt. All of a sudden Dusty was unavailable and we were unsure if Ben [Chappell] would be able to make it through the game. We had to have a plan going into the game. I think the original plan called for 10 or 12 plays with Ed [Wright-Baker], but it could have been more if Ben did not finish out the game. Ben had practiced, but was pretty banged up and we knew he was one hit away from going down. We needed to have a good plan in effect for Ed. We wanted to give Ed the chance to play to make it different for Penn State and we wanted to give Ben the chance to sit out some plays. As we go through the week this week, we will decide what we will do for Saturday. In all honestly, last week was different in that we were unsure if Ben was going to make it through healthy. Ben is really important to this football team and a lot of what we do offensively with this football team is geared around what Ben can do. We therefore wanted to have a plan in case something happened."

    On Dusty Kiel's availability for the Purdue game:
    "He is out."

    On whether Ben Chappell being a senior has anything to do with Edward Wright-Baker's playing time:
    "No. The only impact going in to the game this week is what gives us the best chance to win the football game. Seriously, you want all of your seniors to win this football game. That is what the seniors want. They want us to do the best things offensively and defensively we can do to win the football game. Now, if we feel Ed gives us the best chance to win, we will do that."

    On whether the score dictates playing time:
    "Not in this game. The bottom line is we are going to do everything it takes to win this football game. If you ask all our seniors, that is the way they want it. They want to leave with the bucket. Whatever it takes, that is what we plan on doing."

    On what caused the difference in the game against Penn State:
    "A blocked punt. Now, let's go back. When we came out to start the second half up until the blocked punt, we had outscored them and outplayed them. I think we did a great job with adjustments and Penn State is a very good football team."

    On whether having players on the team who won the bucket previously helps out:
    "Absolutely, no question. Those guys who won the bucket in 2007 I'm sure will explain what it meant to win it during the week."

    On Fred Glass:
    "His support has been unbelievable. We have had a great relationship. He has been as supportive as he can be throughout the year week by week. That is exactly where we are."

    Tyler Replogle

    On what the Old Oaken Bucket means to him:
    "It means a lot after being here for so many years. After the loss this past weekend and how the games have been going, the bucket means the world. As far as selling the bucket to my teammates, I do not think it's necessary."

    On playing very active against Penn State:
    "I was. I feel it was me coming off of an injury at Wisconsin and not being able to help my defense. Out of all the games I have played, the Wisconsin game has hurt the most and I did not even get to play. To be able to get out there this past Saturday, I really enjoyed the little things. Even when things were not going our way, I was happy to be out there with the defense."

    On giving himself the chance to reflect on his four years at Indiana:
    "I mostly think from game to game. I will have a lot of time when I'm finished to reflect on my career, but right now it is just Purdue."

    On the importance of a rivalry game after what the team has gone through this season:
    "Absolutely. The opportunity to play Purdue after a couple of tough losses absolutely helps."

    On stepping up his play for the Purdue game:
    "If you are giving more for the bucket, you should have been giving the effort the previous 11 weeks. As far as practicing harder, I don't think I practice harder for this game. The game means a lot more, but you don't necessarily prepare that much more. You are giving your best all season, but after the Purdue game, it will mean more to you."

    On being from Ohio and realizing how important the bucket game is:
    "Well, my first bucket game I watched from the sidelines after I injured my knee. That was an awesome experience that week with the seniors. The seniors my freshman year set an example of what the bucket game meant. The game really got personal my sophomore year."

    On why the bucket game got personal:
    "My sophomore year was the first time I was able to go out and play. The way the game turned out was really personal for me." On whether more trash talking happens before during the bucket game:
    "I honestly do not know how much trash talking goes around. I am sure both sides say things, but when you are out on the field, you don't really notice."

    On people trash talking to him:
    "They might be. I do now know. I am pretty zoned in, but people could be trash talking to me."

    On the reaction of the defense after giving up a big play:
    "Any time you are in a drive, the goal is to stop the opposition right now. If you don't stop them, then you have to go to the sideline and regroup. It's football and things are going to happen. We understand it happens. The goal is to never give up and if you do not stop them, then you regroup and stop them the next time."

    On whether giving up a long drive is frustrating:
    "We never want to give up a long drive. As far as getting frustrating, you cannot get mad during the game. Afterward, you can go back and think what could have I done here or there? However, the game gets away from you if you start getting frustrated."

    On viewing the bucket game as a must win:
    "It goes back to what we say every week that every game is a must win. I felt pressure at the first game, the second, and so on. You give everything you have to win every game. The bucket game this year may mean more to me because I am a senior, but I am still going to give the same effort I gave for the previous 11 games."

    On Coach Lynch:
    "We have been trying to win for Coach Lynch all year. We talk as players all the time that we love Coach Lynch and want to go undefeated for him. He means the world to us. You try to win for him every week and I believe that is what we have tried to do. If there is anything more we can do to help, we are going to try to."

    Ben Chappell

    On how much Coach Hoeppner is still part of the team:
    "That is a good question. Obviously, all the guys in my class knew him personally. He always made an effort to come over and talk to me. I was closer to him than a lot of people. It has been a while, but I have the utmost respect for what he did for this program, such as getting people enthusiastic for the program. He was the reason I came here. We still think about him, but he is not at the forefront of our thoughts as we are just trying to grind it out and get through the day."

    On reflecting on his career at Indiana:
    "The focus is on Purdue. We have one game left as seniors. I cannot even describe the feelings between losing the game and winning the game, so we are focused on trying to win the football game."

    On playing against defensive end Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue:
    "[Ryan] Kerrigan is a great player. Last year, they had some other great defensive players as well. He was the focus of our planning last year and he will be the focus again this year. They have a really good defense in general. We will be aware of where he is at and have a game plan for dealing with him."

    On Purdue getting several interceptions returned for touchdowns the past few games:
    "I think it is their secondary getting more and more experience. Like I said, they have a really good defense. They have a similar scheme to us in that they blitz some. It will be a challenge for us, but we are excited for the challenge."

    On the first time he understood the importance or meaning of the Indiana-Purdue rivalry:
    "Growing up in Bloomington, the rivalry is huge. Neither of my parents were really familiar with the rivalry. Playing youth football and basketball for coaches who played at Indiana showed me the importance. I probably understood in elementary school. A couple of my elementary school teachers went to Purdue, but living in Bloomington now and giving everyone a hard time. I think you realize the rivalry pretty early. It's a pretty big deal."

    On Purdue's injuries problems:
    "They have had a ton of injuries. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game and they have dealt with the injuries as best as you could have expected them to."

    On Tandon Doss' performance against Penn State:
    "He played great. That was our game plan, to get him the ball early and often. We were talking on Friday how many touches he could get and who could come closest. We wanted to get him the ball and he did some great things with the ball, so it was fun to watch him play."

    On his college career being better than he expected it to be:
    "My career has definitely been a roller coaster and I have had several different roles in my five years here. My career has been a blast and I would not trade it for anything."

    On the bucket game:
    "We are probably trying to put ourselves in a black hole and grinding it out week by week trying to win football games on Saturday. We all are not done. We know it's a big game and we are going to go out and try to win like we have every week. It is a big game for a lot of different reasons. For the program, any time you are playing for the bucket it is a huge game no matter the circumstances."

    On Coach Lynch:
    "I think he has done a good job each week of getting us prepared, so it has come down to a few plays where if one person steps up on the field, we would see different outcomes. It is obviously tough, but we all have the utmost respect for him. We all enjoy playing for him and would do anything for him."

    On using the bucket game result two years ago as motivation:
    "I think that was a tough game for us. The game was not easy, but that game was two years ago and we are concerned with this year."

    On having many friends that go to Purdue:
    "I guess you could call them friends. I know some good people that go to Purdue and it's a fun rivalry, but I am not talking to any of them this week."

    On there being more trash talking during the bucket game:
    "Honestly, there isn't more trash talking. It's a huge rivalry, but both schools are classy."

    On whether the rivalry is bigger for the fans or players:
    "That's tough. I would say both. It's huge. I did not play in the game when we won in 2007, but it was awesome getting to hold the bucket and being part of that. That is what I want on Saturday."


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