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    Go Hoosiers! Bryan Payton is happy to have Coach Lynch in Bloomington the next four seasons.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Bryan Payton is happy to have Coach Lynch in Bloomington the next four seasons.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 28, 2007

    Sophomore running back Bryan Payton chatted with during the entire 2007 regular season and shared his thoughts on the Hoosier football team. In this edition, Payton reacts to Coach Lynch's contract extension and discusses what the Hoosiers are up to as they await their bowl destination.

    I just want to say I hope you had a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving. It was by far my laziest day of the year. I ate with my parents before watching three football games (not including the Colts). I also spent most of the day walking around with a headache, sore throat, burning eyes and snotty nose. Boy, was that great! Nevertheless, I was so happy to be with my parents and being sick didn't put a damper on my Thanksgiving. I took the time to thank the Lord for everything I have and to spend quality time with my family.

    While on the subject of being thankful, I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the regular season, both on and off the field. This blog of mine started as a simple idea. I had no idea so many people would appreciate it and be touched by it. So many doors have opened for me to this point simply because of the exposure this blog has given me. It's been a blessing to have this avenue to display an off the field talent of mine.

    It's a great time to be a Hoosier! Coach Lynch received a four-year contract, which is a true blessing. He deserves this job, he wants this job, and I have full faith in him. I don't think he will lead us to greatness; I know he will lead us to greatness.

    Also, the biggest subject of conversation among football fans and players alike is which bowl we will go to and who we will play. I've been reading all different types of crazy scenarios, but the bottom line is I'm not really worried about what team we will play or when we will play them. I'm happy to have the opportunity to go WIN a bowl game. We just need to continue to work hard and prepare to WIN the bowl game.




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