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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Georgetown

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 9, 2012

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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Georgetown
    College Cup Championship

    Todd Yeagley, Head Coach
    Opening statement:
    "First off, congratulations to Georgetown. I thought they were a tremendous team, had an excellent season. Their entire program is first class in the way that they went about their work. It was a really hard fought final, but I couldn't be more proud of these players, the seniors in particular, for what they've done for the program. The entire IU soccer family will all share in this great moment."

    On the defense:
    "We said after the semifinal that to win a championship, you have to be good defensively. Every player has to do their job. In particular, Luis Soffner, his growth and what he's given us has been outstanding. He's so composed and confident, and the guys in front of him came together and had an incredible weekend."

    On the fans that came down for the championship game:
    "There's no prouder group of people than those that support IU soccer. From our fans across the country to our alumni, they had a consistent experience that makes it special. They see the opportunity for these players to be in their shoes, and they want to be there for them, and that's what it was today. The sendoff at the hotel was amazing, people drove in all last night, and it moves everyone in our program."

    Luis Soffner, Goalkeeper
    On the defense:
    "I just saw pure fight for our team. We always said that defense wins championships, and even when we're not having the best offensive game, our defense would come in, and every guy on the field came together and fought. We didn't let the ball into the net, and that was our mentality. We knew that we'd get a goal, as long as the defense held tough. Georgetown put good pressure on us, but from front to back, we had good team defense, and it paid off."

    On the shot that bounced off the post in the second half:
    "The guys in front of me have done great to keep the ball away from me, especially in the last few games. In the second half, the ball didn't come into the box often, but when it hit the crossbar, I was so happy. Sometimes it takes a little luck, and we deserved it at that moment."

    On the pop-up that almost went under the crossbar:
    "From that moment, we were not going to let the ball into the net, and Caleb (Konstanski) was right behind me, I think it was his hand that cleared the ball, and luckily it went over. The whole game, he's been a great leader on the field, and I'm really proud of him."

    Eriq Zavaleta, Forward
    On the aggressive start to the game:
    "Watching them play Maryland, Georgetown gave them a lot of space, especially in the first half, and when you give a team like that space, they're going to get confident. We felt that if we could attack them from the first minute, get the uncomfortable, then we'd be successful. It was our goal to keep them off balance."

    On the goal:
    "The ball drifted in the air for quite a while, and their keeper was hesitant when it went into no-man's land. I was in a tough angle to finish it, but I saw Nikita run into the box, so my goal was to get the ball in and give him a chance to get it in the net. It was tremendous that he was able to get in that far and get the ball in."

    Nikita Kotlov, Midfielder
    On the aggressive start to the game:
    "We wanted to come out and set the pace early, control the game like we saw them do against Maryland, and I think our pressure gave us opportunities to get them into trouble. I thought we did very well in the first 20 minutes."

    On winning the championship:
    "It means a lot. The history that Indiana soccer has developed throughout the years, it was amazing to see that here with the fans and the alums. We had an amazing fan base, and it feels even better to be a part of that now, to be a part of IU history in soccer."

    Brian Wiese, Head Coach
    On the game against Indiana:
    "First off congratulations are in order to Indiana. Todd Yeagley and the staff did an incredible job running through the season and they played a great game today. They were deserved winners. I also have to say as quickly as I can that it's a real honor and privilege to represent Georgetown University, this athletic department and this student body. Seeing how this team galvanized the Georgetown community was inspiring for everybody. It hurts as much for these guys as it does for all of Georgetown that we weren't able to come out with a national championship today.

    "I told the players in the locker room that we have the second place trophy. Today it's one of the sourest things you can look at, but I know that given some time it's going to be something that we really treasure as a great accomplish for the program."

    On if fatigue played a role in today's game after Friday's match:
    "Yes. It was 110 minutes and 110 mile per hour. I think Indiana played incredibly up tempo. They pressed us really well. Tactics aside, they won the midfield. They were sharper to the ball, picking up second and very good from an energy point of view. We didn't have the legs that we normally have from my point of view. It's tough when you do a Friday - Sunday format and have these types of games. With the pressure of it as well, it's hard to get those legs turned over. Indiana played a hard game on Friday as well, so they maybe did a better job getting their legs back under them.

    "Our guys fought like crazy, even though I thought they were tired. They battled. Indiana makes it very hard. When they get the goal and knowing how they play, it was very important to get the first goal. They are a great disciplined defensive group. I'm not making excuses; I think Indiana was just better today."

    On what he said at half time:
    "These guys know what they're doing. I don't say anything at half time. It's about mentality. Today wasn't about tactics; it was about mentality, like picking up things. I think when we were able to switch the ball today we were having our most success. That's started coming better in the second half. As the game wore on I think Tommy Muller was immense today handling Eriq Zavaleta and that was very important for us as the half wore on. I think they started off firing and I thought our guys were able to regroup and refocus."

    Ian Christianson, Midfielder
    On believing they could come back at the end:
    "I think so. Tommy hit the post with a minute left. We just kept pressing. We didn't really change our mentality until two minutes left and we started just putting stuff in the box. There has been a belief this entire season that the games are really not over until the final whistle. I think guys played their hearts out today. Indiana didn't let us get comfortable and they were the better team.

    On his growth individually and the program's growth:
    "I think I've grown in terms of maturity and just handling the ups and downs of the games. We got our butts kicked in the first half and we just kept plugging away with the same mentality with maybe a little more energy. The coaching staff has brought players in that really love to play soccer. They give their all on a daily basis. If you had asked me freshman year that we'd have been playing in the national final I would have laughed in your face."

    Tommy Muller, Defender
    On believing they could come back at the end:
    "Throughout the season we've always trusted our style and how we play. In this game, we believed we were going to score the whole time. We had some chances to put a goal away. Indiana made it really tough. They played a fantastic game."

    On his growth individually and the program's growth:
    "Individually, I've improved a lot and I think a lot of credit for that goes to the coaching staff really teaching me every fall and spring, and the players. The players make me better every day in practice and they make the team better. As far as the program, it's night and day since we were freshmen. The whole mentality of our team has changed and that has a lot to do with our leadership of the senior class, the coaching staff and the talent we brought. Every player on our team wants to be a pro. It brings that mentality and intensity every day to practice. This season that was the biggest thing. The non-starters would beat the starters in practice. I think we've come a long way since our freshmen year."




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