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    Q&A with Senior Captain David Schulze

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    January 14, 2002

    Indiana's lone senior swimmer David Schulze has left his mark on the Hoosiers records books over his career at Indiana. The Barrie, Canada native holds the school record in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 54.66 and ranks second in the 200 breaststroke and third in the 200 individual medley. Last season, Schulze finished fourth in both breaststroke events at the Big Ten Championships.

    The Anthropology major sat down to talk about his future aspirations both in and out of the pool. He also talked about his hometown, personality and the new coaching staff at Indiana.

    Where is Barrie, Canada? Explain a bit about your town and your high school?

    Barrie is one hour north of Toronto, in Ontario. It's a little larger than Bloomington, but is growing very rapidly. My high school didn't have a swim team, so I swam with the local club team. During my senior year, I helped start a team. It was the first one in our city. I coached along with one of our teachers, and we ended up winning our conference in our very first season.

    How did you end up at Indiana?

    I always wanted to experience American college sports, which are at a whole other level than in Canada. Indiana offered me the best combination of athletics, academics, and campus atmosphere I could find anywhere.

    You have primarily been a breaststroke specialist, yet this year you have taken on some new events. How has that transition been for you?

    I'm always happy to help the team any way I can. Luckily, we are deep enough in the IM events that I can help out in freestyle when I'm needed. Actually, sometimes it's nice to swim a new event. I've been doing the same ones for so long.

    How has the transition been to the new coaching staff?

    Changing coaches is never easy. However, Coach Looze and Coach Barnes are two of the hardest working people I know, and they have worked to communicate effectively at every stage of the transition. Their dedication has made it easier to buy into their program philosophy.

    Do you have any brothers and/or sisters? Is so, what are there ages and what do they do?

    I had an older sister, Kim, who completed her PhD in exercise physiology at Ball State. She was nine years older than I was, but passed away in August 1999. She still inspires me to work towards achieving my goals.

    What are your plans after graduation, and how does your Anthropology major play into those plans?

    I'm currently applying to graduate school, and hope to complete my Masters in sport psychology. The anthropology program at IU as helped me develop a broad knowledge base and research skills that will aid me at every academic level. The professors at IU have been amazing at helping me develop my future goals.

    What is your greatest personal accomplishment in the swimming pool?

    I'm most proud of my 4 medals from Canadian nationals, but I feel my best is still to come. Ask me again at the end of the season.

    What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

    What's free time? I don't get any of that.

    Do you have any unique pre-race or pre-meet rituals?

    Nothing exciting. I always wipe down my block with my hands then stretch my legs on it. Then I take a few deep breaths right before I step up to race. Before relays, we like to slap each other on the top of the head. I don't carry an egg in my speedo or anything like that.

    What is your favorite movie and why?

    The Big Lebowski, because it's something our team has bonded around. The Dude reminds me of my roommate from freshman year. I also love Breaking Away because it's an IU tradition.

    What is your favorite television show and why? Book?

    I like Jeopardy because when I get the questions right, I feel super-intelligent.

    My favorite books are On the Road and 1984. I also love 'The Yanomamo' by Napoleon Chagnon. It was the first ethnography I read and made me fall in love with anthropology.

    How do you deal with the monotony of early morning practices?

    There is no monotony, morning practices are always fun. Who doesn't like to jump into cold, cold water at 5:30 a.m.?

    What are your primary goals for the remainder of the season?

    I want to help the team score as high as possible at Big Ten's. I also want to qualify a relay for NCAA's and make an individual final at NCAA's.

    Describe Coach Looze in three words?

    Intense, dedicated, caring.

    What is your favorite vacation destination?

    Georgian Bay in northern Ontario. It's the most beautiful place in the world.

    Do you have any musical talents?

    Not yet, but I'm taking guitar class this semester, so watch out.

    What are your favorite foods?

    Biscuits and gravy is without a doubt my favorite food. I'd never even heard of it before I came to Bloomington, but now I'm in love. I make all the time and my Swedish roommate Claes (Andersson) loves it even more than I do.

    What is your favorite event and why?

    I love relays because when four guys all perform their best together it's an amazing feeling.

    Have you participated in any other sports?

    I played basketball and volleyball in high school until my sophomore year, but I was only good because I was bigger than the other kids. I've been swimming since I was 8 and it's always been my number one sport.

    How would you describe your personality?

    Laid back. I avoid stress and just like to relax. A perfect day would be spent on the couch in my pajamas.




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