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    Meet IU Sophomore Richard Bryant

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    January 27, 2003

    You came to Bloomington from Somerset, England. Describe your town and secondary school.

    I live in a small town just outside Bristol. My high school was a old boarding school like the ones you see in the movies. It was kind of a center for athletes due to its unique facilities and excellence. On the swimming side, is has produced world record holders and Olympic champions, just like here at IU.

    How did you end up at Indiana?

    I have always wanted to go to the states to swim, so I E-mailed a bunch of coaches. Indiana offered me the best combination of both swimming and education at a very high level. I consider myself very lucky to be here training with such a great group of swimmers and students (except when I wake up at 5am)!.

    How has the transition been to the new coaching staff?

    It couldn't have been easier. Coach Looze has the same train of thought as my high school coach from back home, so I was pleased to hear that he got the job after what I had heard, however extra mornings have been harder than what i expected.

    Do you have any brothers and sisters? If so, what are their ages and what do they do?

    I have two brothers, both younger than me. Karl is 18 and Alex is 17. We are very close and seem to get closer the older we get. Alex is in an Army College training to become a Royal Signal officer, while Karl is a Royal Engineer. Karl has just been stationed in Bosnia which isn't easy on my mum, nor the rest of us, but i am sure he will be fine...fingers crossed.

    What are your plans after graduation and how does your academic major play into those plans?

    There is a big military theme which runs through my family, in particular, the Royal Navy. When I graduate from IU, I want to become a Royal Navy Warfare Officer. Those are the people who operate the ships. I don't think economics is gonna help much in that pursuit but, in case I change my mind, then I have something to fall back on.

    What is your greatest personal accomplishment in the swimming pool?

    I think it would have to be making the European Junior Team for Great Britain.

    What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

    I enjoy doing nothing. I love to sit around and waste my time, whether it be on the computer, or watching TV. I can't find anything better than just chillin'. I have too many hassles in my life when I am at school or swimming so when I am home I drop everything and do nothing. It's not that I am lazy, it's just that I don't care.

    Do you have any unique pre-race or pre-meet rituals?

    I wish I did because then it would be a case of just doing them instead of feeling prepared. The worst part of my swimming is that I don't know how I am gonna swim. One meet I might swim fast unprepared and, the next meet, swim really slow after being all prepared and ready to go.

    What is your favorite movie and why?

    I love the Jaws movies...all of them. When my dad and I used to go swimming in the ocean, he used to scare me all the time by swimming under me and popping up. Braveheart's a good one. I wanna go swing a sword after that, but not at the English!!!

    What is your favorite television show and why? Your favorite book?

    Simpsons, that is by far the funniest show in the world. I like a lot of books based on military operations. My favorite one being The Watchmen by Chris Ryan.

    How do you deal with the monotony of early morning practices?

    Badly. I guess you just get your body into a pattern and it doesn't feel so bad. It just stinks when you wake up at 7 on a Sunday morning !!!!

    As a distance swimmer, how do you handle the boredom of training such distances?

    I would like to say that I think about my stroke count, technique, turnover, and turns, however, it's more to do with girls, appetite, song lyrics, movies and after-practice activities.

    What are your primary goals for the remainder of the season?

    Big Tens. There are competitions afterwards but for the team and myself, I need to swim well there. I don't want to let this team down, not after all the hard the work we have put in.

    Describe Coach Looze in three words?

    Positive, Dedicated, Ambitious

    What is your favorite vacation destination?

    I have been all around world, but there's no place like England when we have good weather.

    Do you have any musical talents?

    None whatsoever.

    What are your favorite foods?

    All kinds of cereals, ice cream, chocolate, and fruit.

    What is your favorite event and why?

    I would have to say the 200 meter free. I don't swim it often, but to watch, I love the combination of both speed and endurance. The 200 yards isn't as fun, its just too much of a sprint to make it interesting.

    Have you participated in any other sports?

    I love soccer, played a bit for my county, but along with rugby, had to give it up due to time commitments.

    How would you describe your personality?

    Unpredictable. Uptight one minute, then easy going the next. Comical--well i think so, and sometimes hard working.




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