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    2007 Big Ten Diaries: Will Bohonyi

    Go Hoosiers! Sophomore Will Bohonyi checks in with a report from the first two days of the Hoosiers' trip to the Big Ten Championships.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Sophomore Will Bohonyi checks in with a report from the first two days of the Hoosiers' trip to the Big Ten Championships.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 15, 2007

    Throughout the course of the Big Ten Men's Swimming and Diving Championships from Feb. 16-18, select Indiana swimmers and divers will check in with Sophomore diver Will Bohonyi's account of the first two days of the trip appears below.

    Day UNO: The Rough Start

    Well, the trip here started off a little behind schedule. We were supposed to meet at the soccer stadium to board that bus by 10:50 a.m., so we could leave by 11. However, because we could not practice today at Ohio State, we had to practice before we left. So, at 10:48, we finally got out of practice, thanks Huber (Indiana diving coach Dr. Jeff Huber)! We ended up getting to the bus a little after 11. We departed from Bloomington around 11:15. To my surprise, we watched "Van Wilder," one of my favorites. Unfortunately, "Black Hawk Down" came on next, and of course, I fell asleep almost halfway through. I woke up halfway through "Miracle," truly an inspirational film, and again, one of my favorites. We took an unexpected turn into the Ohio State School for the Blind, in which we got in a quick practice. Upon returning to the bus, we found out that Big Tens was pushed back a day, ending on Sunday now instead of Saturday. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northwestern had trouble getting here on time, because no busses would take them after their planes were cancelled several times. We got into the hotel around 6:15. Yeah, long trip, I don't want to talk about it. Around 7:30 we sat down for dinner at the hotel. Upon finishing, we got back into our hotel rooms and were supposed to be in bed with lights out at 10 p.m. However, Legs (David Legler) and I put on "Jackass 2" at that time in hopes to fall asleep during it.

    Day DOS: First Day of Practice

    We started off the day perfectly. Our wake-up call came at 9:15, but Legs and I didn't really get out of bed until 10. We finally made it down to breakfast around 10:15 and then left the hotel for the pool at 11. Our first practice was really light because of Big Tens; we did two of each, even though Huber only said we had to do one of each, on 10-meter tower. We then went to one-meter for a fun four lists. Around 2, our first practice was over. We went back to the hotel to find out that we (the divers) missed the team lunch, and all the food was already taken away. Taylor (Roberts), (David) Piercy, and I went to Quiznos, while Legs thought he would be too cool for us and went to Subway because it only had seven grams of fat! We went back up to the hotel room to catch some rest before our next practice at 4. Legs and I put on "Clerks II," got a few laughs in, but we only had like 30 minutes to watch as much as we could of it. We arrived back at the pool around 4:15, and Huber was about to yell at us for being late, but we showed him the Subway we got him and he quickly stopped complaining. After he finished devouring his sub, he nicely coached us during our four list on three-meter. I mean, yeah, they were a ton of fun, but we were glad the diving day was over. We all drove back to the hotel in the awesome IU van. At 6:15, we got back to the hotel and ran right up the stairs to the food. Dinner was filling but proved not enough because 9 rolled around and most of the divers were still hungry. Legs and I sat in our room and finished "Clerks II," thought a lot about our diving tomorrow and what we have to do to be the next IU champs, and then started our homework until "Lost" came on. Upon completing that we fell asleep to "The Descent." I have no idea if you are catching on to anything, but I feel as though this weekend might be a big movie weekend, since there isn't much more to do around the snowy Columbus town. Well, I have to go put some lotion on my face, because I think Ohio State is trying to kill people with the chemical levels in the pool. GOODNIGHT!




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