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    2007 Big Ten Diaries: Will Bohonyi

    Go Hoosiers! Bohonyi and the Hoosiers began competition at the Big Ten Championships on Friday, Feb. 16.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Bohonyi and the Hoosiers began competition at the Big Ten Championships on Friday, Feb. 16.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 16, 2007

    Throughout the course of the Big Ten Men's Swimming and Diving Championships, which run from Feb. 16-18 in Columbus, Ohio, sophomore diver Will Bohonyi will be checking in each day with His second journal entry appears below.

    Day Three: Tower, again?

    Well the day started off like usual - wake up call at 7:50, but don't get out of bed until 8:15! Went down for breakfast and headed to the pool. As we arrive, (Indiana diving coach Dr. Jeff) Huber asks us what boards we want to practice on. He then quickly made the decision that (David) Legler and I would do some tower lead-ups. Yeah, two days in a row, tell me I'm crazy! So we finish up lead-ups and join Taylor (Roberts) and (David) Piercy on the one-meter, which I hate because I'm scared of heights! We end practice around 10:30 and had back to the hotel for breakfast.

    The food was amazing: microwaved eggs, fruit, lukewarm sausage, and some nice cranberry juice. We got back up into our rooms and Legs and I put on "Boondock Saints." We didn't get much time though because we had to be back at the pool at 12:45. We did three or four three-meter lists and headed back to the hotel.

    Caught dinner for the second night in the row, meaning we didn't have to supply our own dinner. Columbus is really boring with the weather and the restricted travel (we don't have a car). Ben (Hesen), Piercy, Legs, and I went to this mall that basically had nothing in it. It looked like it was about to be abandoned: there were stores with signs up and stuff, but if you looked in the windows, there was nothing stocked or anything. Weird, I know. Anyways, so after that we walked back to the hotel and saw the dude in the most flaming pair of pajamas if ever seen. Literally flaming. I think they were fleece pants with flames going down the leg! We had a few laughs about that and came back to the hotel and played some Playstation 2. Legs beat me in Madden 07 (football) even though he had the All-Star team and I was the Miami Dolphins. Excuses, I know.

    Our parents surprised us for a few seconds. OK, more like minutes that felt like hours! But after all the quick answers they finally got the point that we just wanted to throw a movie in and get to bed. I mean, after all, it was 2 a.m. on meet day! (OK, I'm messing around, that was for Huber, it was actually more like 10:42 p.m.)

    Well I'm gonna go take a shower now, because Legs just got out. Afterwards we're just gonna do some homework and a little more visualization of our diving. We'll catch up after the meet tomorrow! GO HOOSIERS. WOOOO!




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