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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    April 20, 1999


    Orlando, Fla.--The Indiana Hoosiers combined to win the US Spring Diving Nationals this past weekend in Orlando. Both the women's and men's teams took second place in their division, but combined to win their third straight national championship. The men finished with 80 points, 26.5 points behind winner Orlando Diving. The women were just 6.5 points shy of SMU's total of 95 points.

    Senior All-American Mike Collier received the Athlete Performance Award based on his performance. Collier placed in the top 10 three out of his four events. He recorded two third places (Syncro with Ryan Kosanic and three-meter), a sixth place on ten-meter platform, and an 11th place on one-meter.

    All-American and All-Big Ten Sara Reiling was the second highet point getter at Nationals. The freshman finished 7th on syncro with Debbie Lipski, 13th on ten-meter platform, 10th on three-meter, and 12th on one-meter.

    Sophomore All-American Erin Quinn's highest finish in Orlando was on three-meter where she grabbed eighth place. She was a finalist in two other events including a 14th on Syncro with graduate Kimiko Hirai and a 10th on one-meter.

    These are the official results:

    Women's Syncro:
    1st Kathy Pesek and Tracy Bonner - U of Tennessee 257.46
    3rd Sunday and Noel Lewandowski - Indiana Diving 241.32
    7th Sara Reiling and Debbie Lipski - Indiana University 214.35
    14th Kimiko Hirai and Erin Quinn -Indiana Diving/University 196.48

    Men's Syncro
    1st David Pilcher and Mark Ruiz - Atlantic & Team Orlando 301.26
    3rd Ryan Kosanic and Mike Collier - Indiana Diving/University 277.59
    7th Jon Repetti and Jon Repetti - Indiana University 234.72

    Men's 3 Meter
    1st David Pichler Atlantic Diving 609.78
    3rd Mike Collier Indiana Diving 562.23
    19th Jon Repetti 300.63
    22nd Ryan Kosanic 288.33

    Women's Platform
    1th Kathy Pesek Tennessee 466.53
    13th Sara Reiling 387.60

    Men's Platform
    1st Mark Ruiz - Team Orlando 659.07
    6th Mike Collier - 508.98
    24th Jason Graves 256.02

    Women's 1 Meter
    1st Michelle Rojohn Fort Lauderdale Diving Team 265.65
    10th Erin Quinn 228.96
    12th Sara Reiling 187.02
    20th Kimiko Hirai 208.14

    Men's 1 Meter
    1st. Mark Ruiz Team Orlando Diving 415.77
    11th Mike Collier 286.32
    26th Ryan Kosanic 255.81

    Women's 3 Meter
    1 Jenny Keim University of Miami 477.66
    8. Erin Quinn 449.70
    10. Sara Reiling 447.51
    19. Sunday Lewandowski 227.13

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