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    On the Road with Heath Tameris: Winter Training Trip, Dec. 18

    Go Hoosiers! Sophomore Heath Tameris will be sending updates from the Hoosiers' winter training trip.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Sophomore Heath Tameris will be sending updates from the Hoosiers' winter training trip.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 18, 2006

    With Indiana's men's swimming and diving team in Fort Myers, Fla., for its annual winter training trip from Dec. 16-22, sophomore Heath Tameris will be checking in with every other day to share how the trip is going.

    Dear Hoosier Friends and Family,

    Sunday was our second day here in Fort Myers, Fla., and so far everything has run smoothly. We arrived here Saturday afternoon and had a late evening practice to swim off the flight. The facilities here are great. There is an eight-lane, 50-meter pool and an eight-lane, 25-yard pool, a perfect combination to get all the different types of training in. After our evening practice we went back to our hotel and ate pizza together as a team. One great aspect of the training trip, besides the intense training, is the strengthening of our team chemistry. Since we are removed from our home environment of school and all the other stresses of college life, we have a great opportunity to solely focus on swimming and our team goals. After we ate pizza, it was time to get some rest from the long day of travel and for the upcoming practice.

    Sunday morning was an intense practice, but a successful one across all the groups. The Mid-Distance "A" group, also known as The B. Crew, definitely took another step towards greatness. Collectively, we had one of our best sets this season. The set was a VO2 Max set, so there is a lot of rest on the wall before you go all out again. One great thing that comes out of that is the chatter during the rest. We will have a great time making jokes and clowin' around, and at the same time encouraging each other. This helps keep the atmosphere light and fast.

    After practice was over we headed to the grocery store as a team, to get lunch for the week. Each room had a shopping cart and a budget they were held to depending on the number of people in the room. Also, the coaches were monitoring what food we were buying. They made sure we were eating healthy food and were taking the food out of our carts if it wasn't up to their standards. So, using our college education to the best of our abilities, we were hiding the ice creams and the oatmeal cream pies under some carrots or something that was cheap and healthy. (Assistant coach) Donny (Brush) got the manager to open up a checkout line just for us. I have never seen a bill that high. The bill was so high that the register shut down and had to reboot again.

    Once we were all finished shopping we ate lunch and went out to the beach. It was a good time to relax and have fun. One highlight of going to the beach was watching JK (John Kevin Koehler) attempt to catch a seagull. His strategy was to cover himself in towels and lay food on his stomach. He would then wait for the seagull to land on him and start eating the food and would throw the towel over the seagull and catch it. JK was close, but the seagull was a little faster than him.

    During practices and outside of the water we're having a good time down here and are looking forward to the week ahead of us. We will keep you all posted on how things are going.

    - Heath Tameris




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