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    Hoosiers put together strong effort at day one of Winter Invite

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    ="winter"> February 6, 1998

    Hoosiers put together strong effort at day one of Winter Invite

    Indiana wins all twelve matches on first day

    Bloomington, IN--After struggling in their first two invitationals of 1998, the men's tennis team got a pair of solid efforts on day one of the Indiana Winter Invitational. The flight-format, divisional style tournament also features 11th ranked Clemson, 26th ranked Kentucky, and Southern Illinois-Carbondale.

    In their first match of the day, the Hoosiers cruised by Southern Illinois-Carbondale, winning all nine matches. Junior Scott Lippitt stepped into the number one position for the first time this season, and responded well, defeating Mick Smyth, 6-4,6-1. Senior Andrew Held, who will be looked upon for leadership on and off the court this season, also played well. He defeated Jack Oxler, 6-1,6-3, to give the Hoosiers a boost.

    Only the doubles were played against Clemson, but Indiana enjoyed much of the same success they found in the earlier match-up, taking all three flights from the 11th ranked Tigers. Derek Pope and Gabriel Montilla led the way for the Hoosiers in the top flight, defeating Bruce Li and Darren Knight, 8-4.

    "We're getting in a lot of tennis, but there is still a lot more to be played," said head coach Ken Hydinger. "The first day went really well for us, but we've got a long way to go. We're doing what we need to be doing the most, however, and that's getting in a lot of tennis."

    Indiana will continue the tournament tommorrow with matches beginning at 9:00 am. Players will again compete within their flights to determine the standings for Sunday's divisional playoff's. In this format, the top player out of the 1st flight will compete against the top player of the 2nd flight and so forth. For more information regarding the tournament or the format, call Sports Information Student Assistant David Shepley at 812-855-9399.

    Complete results following...
    1998 Indiana Winter Invitational
    February 6, 1998%Indiana University Tennis Center
    Clemson University vs. University of Kentucky
        Clemson		Kentucky	       Winner    Score
    1.  Bruce Li	vs.	Carlos Drada		UK	6-7,6-0,6-3
    2.  Pablo Bellagamba	vs. 	Johan Hesoun	UK	6-4,6-3
    3.  Darren Knight	vs.	Marcus Fluitt	UK	6-3,7-6
    4.  Sandon Barth	vs.	Edo Bowano	UK	6-2,6-0
    5.  Joey Hopke	vs.	Patrick Johanson	CU	7-5,2-6,7-6
    6.  Clay Fouse	vs.	Keith Mauriello		UK	6-2,6-4
    1.  Bruce Li		vs.	Carlos Drada	UK	8-3
         Darren Knight		Edo Bawano	
    2.  Pablo Bellagamba	vs.	Marcus Fluitt	UK	8-6
         Joey Hopke		Patrick Johanson		
    3.  Sandon Barth	vs.	Mike Meier	CU	8-0
         Clay Fouse		Plowski
    Indiana University vs. Southern Illinois-Carbondale 
         Indiana		SIU-Carbondale	       Winner    Score
    1.  Scott Lippitt	vs.	Mick Smyth	IU	6-4,6-1
    2.  Gabriel Montilla	vs.	Kenny Hutz	IU	7-6,6-3
    3.  Andrew Held		vs.	Jack Oxler	IU	6-1,6-3
    4.  Ian Arons		vs. 	Kyle Henry	IU	6-2,6-3
    5.  Paul Jacobson	vs.	Brian Etzkin	IU	6-4,7-5
    6.  Brenden Storey	vs.	Brian Ingle	IU	6-1,6-2
    1.  Scott Lippitt	vs.	Mick Smyth	IU	8-2
         Andrew Held		Kenny Hutz	
    2.  Ian Arons		vs.	Jack Oxler	IU	8-2
         Paul Jacobson		Kyle Henry		
    3.  Joey Balsiger	vs.	Brian Etzkin	IU	8-4
         Gabriel Montilla	vs. 	Brian Ingle	IU	8-4
    Indiana University vs. Clemson University
         Indiana		Clemson	       Winner	                Score
    to be played tommorrow
    1.  Derek Pope		vs.	Bruce Li	IU	8-4
         Gabriel Montilla		Darren Knight		
    2.  Andrew Held		vs.	Joey Hoplse	IU	8-5
    3.  Ian Arons		vs.	Clay Fause		
         Paul Jacobson		Sandon Barth	IU	8-1
    University of Kentucky vs. Southern Illinois-Carbondale
         Kentucky		SIU-Carbondale	       Winner Score
    to be played tommorrow
    1.  Edo Bowano		vs.	Mick Smyth	UK	8-2
         Carlos Drada		Kenny Hutz
    2.  Patrick Johanson	vs.	Jack Oxler	UK	8-3
         Keith Mauriello		Kyle Henry
    3.  Mike Meier		vs.	Brian Etzkin	UK	9-8
         Ryan Plowski		Brian Ingle

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