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    Hoosiers dominate in pair of matches

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    ="dominate"> February 28, 1998

    Hoosiers dominate in pair of matches

    Bloomington, IN--Indiana men's tennis team continued to play strong tennis, defeating Murray State and Northern Illinois in convincing fashion. The Hoosiers took all twelve singles matches and lost only one doubles match in each contest as they cruised to a pair of 7-0 victories.

    In the morning contest, Indiana came out strong and never looked back. Despite playing without two of their top players, Derek Pope and George McGill, the Hoosiers were able to dominate early and often in the singles. Gabriel Montilla stepped into the number one spot for the first time this year and defeated Tony Hardman, 6-4,6-3. Freshmen Paul Jacobson and Brenden Storey stepped into the lineup at the five and six positions respectively, and performed admiraly. Jacobson won in straight sets, 7-5,6-1, as did Storey, who defeated Sebastian Ventor, 7-6,6-3.

    The Hoosiers took two out of the three doubles matches to earn the lone doubles point. Andrew Held and Scott Lippitt played at the one spot for the first time this year and won, 8-4. Montilla and Storey teamed up to win the third position and clinch the doubles point, 8-1.

    In the nightcap, the Hoosiers struggled, but still overcame a pesky Northern Illinois club. Pope and McGill returned to action as Pope earned a 6-0,6-7,7-6 victory at the top spot while McGill struggled early but eventually cruised to a 7-6,6-2 win at the four spot. The duo of Pope and Montilla teamed up to defeated Carl Bengtsson and Mattias Ardfelt in a hard-fought 8-6 decision at the number one spot. Lippitt and Held played in their normal two position and continued to have the same result, winning 8-6. The lone defeat for the Hoosiers was at the three hole where Jacobson and Ian Arons dropped an extremely close 9-7 contest.

    "We played well in the morning match," said head coach Ken Hydinger. "In the second match I don't think that all of our guys were mentally prepared and that's something we're going to have to work on."

    The Hoosiers are back in action next on March, 12 as they travel to Kentucky. The 1:00 p.m. matchup features a pair of schools that played earlier this season in the Indiana Winter Invitational.

    Complete results following...
         Indiana			Murray State		Winner	Score
    1.  Gabriel Montilla	vs.	Tonry Hardman		IU	6-4,6-3
    2.  Scott Lippitt	vs.	Chris Hayed		IU	7-5,6-2
    3.  Andrew Held		vs.	Anlti Hyrtinen		IU	6-2,6-1
    4.  Ian Arons		vs.	Raul Bax		IU	6-3,6-0
    5.  Paul Jacobson	vs.	Alex Sundstrom		IU	7-5,6-7
    6.  Brenden Storey	vs.	Sebastian Ventor	IU	7-6,6-3
    1.  Andrew Held/	vs.	Jason Miller/		IU	8-4
        Scott Lippitt		Chris Haydon 
    2.  Ian Arons/		vs.	Raul Bax		MSU	9-8
        Paul Jacobson		Tony Hardman
    3.  Gabriel Montilla/	vs.	Sebastian Ventor	IU	8-1
        Brenden Storey		Alex Sundstrom
         Indiana			Northern Illinois	Winner	Score
    1.  Derek Pope		vs.	Carl Bengtsson		IU	6-0,6-7,7-6
    2.  Gabriel Montilla	vs.	Mattias Ardfelt		IU	6-1,2-1ret.
    3.  Scott Lippitt	vs.	Ryan Rader		IU	7-5,4-6,6-3
    4.  George McGill	vs.	Tyler Refling		IU	7-6,6-2
    5.  Andrew Held		vs.	Wolf Oswald		IU	6-2,6-3
    6.  Ian Arons		vs.	Nick Gryfakis		IU	6-2,4-6,6-2
    1.  Derek Pope/		vs.	Carl Bengtsson/		IU	8-6
        Gabriel Montilla		Mattias Ardfelt
    2.  Scott Lippitt/	vs.	Ryan Rader		IU	8-6
        Andrew Held			Tyler Refling
    3.  Paul Jacobson/	vs.	Wolf Oswald/		NIU	7-9
        Ian Arons			Nick Gryfakis

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