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    Hoosiers Defeat Ohio State 5-2

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Hoosiers Defeat Ohio State 5-2

    Columbus, Ohio-The men's tennis team defeated Big Ten opponent Ohio State 5-2 today in Columbus, Ohio.

    In singles action, the Hoosiers (8-5, 1-1 Big Ten) picked up wins from Ian Arons, George McGill, Milan Rakvica and Paul Jacobson. Arons, playing at No. 1, defeated Chris Porter 4-6,6-2,6-1. At No. 3, McGill was a straight set winner over Derek DeFalco 6-3,6-3. Rakvica was taken to a fourth set by Kevin Hawke, before defeating him 2-6,6-2,6-0, at No. 4. At No. 5, Jacobson defeated Ben Basil 7-6,6-2.

    Indiana took the doubles point with wins from their No. 1 and No. 3 teams. At No. 1, Gabriel Montilla and Rahman Smiley defeated Andrew Carlson and Hawke 9-7. Arons and Ricardo Jordan were victorious over Porter and Ben Richardson 8-5.

    The Hoosiers will continue play tomorrow as they travel to University Park, Pennsylvania for a match against Penn State at 1:00 p.m.


    1. Ian Arons (IU) def. Chris Porter (OSU) 4-6,6-2,6-1

    2. Andrew Carlson (OSU) def. Gabriel Montilla (IU) 7-6,7-5

    3. George McGill (IU) def. Derek Defalco (OSU) 6-3,6-3

    4. Milan Rakvica (IU) def. Kevin Hawke (OSU) 2-6,6-2,6-0

    5. Paul Jacobson (IU) def. Ben Basil (OSU) 6-4,6-4

    6. Bob Wellstein (OSU) def. Rahman Smiley (IU) 7-6,6-2


    1. Montilla/Smiley (IU) def. Carlson/Hawke (OSU) 9-7

    2. Basil/DeFalco (OSU) def. Rakvica/Jacobson (IU) 8-6

    3. Arons/Ricardo Jordan (IU) def. Porter/Ben Richardson (OSU) 8-5

    Indiana 5

    Ohio State 2




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