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    Hoosiers Fall To #2 Illinois

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Hoosiers Fall To #2 Illinois

    Champaign, IL-The 49th-ranked men's tennis came into today's match against #2 Illinois looking for a huge upset. The Fighting Illini (20-2, 8-0 Big Ten) were too tough for the Hooisers, as Indiana lost 5-2.

    The Hoosiers (11-8, 3-4) Big Ten) began the day by dropping all three doubles matches. At No. 1, Gabriel Montilla and Rahman Smiley dropped their match to the 3rd-ranked team in the country, Oliver Freelove and Cary Franklin 8-3.

    Indiana did win two of the singles matches with their two most consistant players winning. George McGill improved his Big Ten record to a perfect 7-0 with a win over Jeff Lanski 7-6,6-2, at No. 3. Milan Rakvica, playing at the No. 4 position, extended his winning streak to 13 matches with a victory over Jakub Teply 7-5,6-7,7-5.

    The Hoosiers will conclude their weekend road trip to Illinois tomorrow with a match against Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois at noon.


    1. Oliver Freelove (UI) def. Ian Arons (IU) 6-1,6-3

    2. Cary Franklin (UI) def. Gabriel Montilla (IU) 7-5,6-2

    3. George McGill (IU) def. Jeff Laski (UI) 7-6,6-2

    4. Milan Rakvica (IU) def. Jakub Teply (UI) 7-5,6-7,7-5

    5. Mike Kosta (UI) def. Paul Jacobson (IU) 6-1,6-2

    6. Matt Synder (UI) def. Rahman Smiley (IU) 6-3,6-2


    1. Freelove/Franklin (UI) def. Montilla/Smiley (IU) 8-3

    2. Laski/Jamal Parker (UI) def. Rakvica/Jacobson (IU) 8-5

    3. Teply/Synder (UI) def. Arons/Ricardo Jordan (IU) 8-5

    Indiana 2

    Illinois 5




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