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    Hoosiers Defeat Wisconsin 5-2

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    April 24, 1999

    Hoosiers Defeat Wisconsin 5-2

    Bloomington, IN-The 48th-ranked men's tennis team won their second straight Big Ten match 5-2 over Wisconsin today.

    The Hoosiers (13-8, 5-4) Big Ten) were dominant in doubles taking all three matches. At No. 1, Gabriel Montilla and Rahman Smiley defeated Mark Loughrin and Adam Schumacher 8-6. Paul Jacobson and Milan Rakvica were victorious at the No. 2 position, as they defeated Stefan Reist and David Chang 8-4. At No. 3, Ian Arons and Ricardo Jordan won their match over Danny Westerman and Justin Baker 8-6.

    Indiana's singles play remand strong as they took four out of the six matches for the second time in a row. Montilla, playing at the No. 2 position, started the day off with a victory over Schumacher 6-2,6-2. Arons and Jacobson both fell in their singles matches, before the Hoosiers took the final three matches. At No. 4, Rakvica won his 16th straight match with a victory over David Chang 7-6,6-0. Rahman Smiley, playing at the No. 6 position, had the clinching victory for the third straight Hoosiers win, as he defeated bobby Croll 6-4,6-4. George McGill remained perfect in the Big Ten (9-0) with a victory over Reist 7-6,6-3.

    Coach Hydinger said, "It was a huge win for us today. The doubles came big, with three wins today. A lot of guys came to play today. The win today and tomorrow's match are huge. If we win tomorrow we will be ranked 5th in the Big Ten Championships."

    The Hoosiers will conclude their season with a match at home versus Iowa tomorrow at noon. The match will decide were the Hoosiers will be ranked in the Big Ten Championships. With a win they will be the 5th-seed next weekend.


    1. Mark Loughrin (UW) def. Ian Arons (IU) 6-3,6-3

    2. Gabriel Montilla (IU) def. Adam Schumacher (UW) 6-2,6-2

    3. George McGill (IU) def. Stefan Reist (UW) 7-6,6-3

    4. Milan Rakvica (IU) def. David Chang (UW) 7-6,6-0

    5. Danny Westerman (UW) def. Paul Jacobson (IU) 6-4,6-1

    6. Rahman Smiley (IU) def. Bobby Croll (UW) 6-4,6-4


    1. Montilla/Smiley (IU) def. Loughrin/Schumacher (UW) 8-6

    2. Rakvica/Jacobson (IU) def. Reist/Chang (UW) 8-4

    3. Arons/Ricardo Jordan (IU) def. Westerman/Justin Baker (UW) 8-6

    Indiana 5

    Wisconsin 2

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