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    Hoosiers Fall To Minnesota 4-0

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    April 30, 1999

    Hoosiers Fall To Minnesota 4-0

    Ann Arbor, MI- The Hoosiers (14-9, 6-5 Big Ten) ended their Big Ten season with a quarterfinal loss to Minnesota 4-0 today.

    Indiana dropped the doubles point as they were only able to win one of the three matches. Ian Arons and Ricardo Jordan, playing at the No. 3 position, defeated Thomas Haug and Martin Kristofferson 8-6.

    The Hoosiers dropped the singles matches that were completed. At No. 1, Arons fell to Tom Chicoine 6-2,6-4. At No. 4, Milan Rakvica's 17-match winning streak came to an end as he fell to Adam Selkirk 6-4,6-3. Rahman Smiley lost in the clinching match with a loss to Martin Michalowski 6-3,6-4.

    The Hoosiers ended the Big Ten in fifth place, which is a four places higher than last years ninth-place finish. The team will now go home and wait to find out if they will make the NCAA Tournament.


    1. Tom Chicoine (UM) def. Ian Arons (IU) 6-2,6-4

    4. Adam Selkirk (UM) def. Milan Rakvica (IU) 6-4,6-3

    6. Martin Michalowski (UM) def. Rahman Smiley (IU) 6-3,6-4


    1. Chicoine/Michalowski (UM) def. Gabriel Montilla/Smiley (IU) 8-6

    2. Selkirk/Tyson Parry (UM) def. Rakvica/George McGill (IU) 8-5

    3. Arons/Ricardo Jordan (IU) def. Thomas Haug/Martin Kristofferson (UM) 8-6

    Indiana 0

    Minnesota 4

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