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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    February 24, 2000


    Meet Data
    Indiana University will host the 2000 Men's Big Ten Track & Field Championships at Harry Gladstein Fieldhouse. Action will get under way on Saturday, February 26 at 10 a.m. and then resume on Sunday, February 27 at 10:20 a.m.

    First Time Since 1990
    This year marks the first time since 1990 that Indiana has hosted the conference's indoor track & field championships. That year Indiana won the championship (98.5 points) followed by Ohio State (82.5), Illinois (81) and Purdue (77).
    Six-time All-American Bob Kennedy won the mile, 3,000 meters and 5,000 meters while four-time All-American Glenn Terry captured the 200 meters for the Hoosiers.

    Meet Results
    Indiana University is hosting a special Big Ten championship page. Complete meet results will be made available on the web following each day's action.

    The Coach
    Marshall Goss is in his second season as the Indiana head men's track and field coach and program coordinator and is in his 17th season with the Hoosiers.

    In Goss' Words
    "We have to run and jump at the top of our game this weekend. Our kids are peaking at just the right time. This will be a very competitive meet and we are looking to get ourseleves in between some teams in the standings."

    Hoosiers at Big Ten Championships
    Last season the Hoosiers placed fourth at the Big Ten Championship. Here is a look at how Indiana has faired over the last eight years at the conference meet:
    1999 4th (76 points)
    1998 7th (59)
    1997 6th (50.5)
    1996 6th (37)
    1995 7th (34)
    1994 8th (32)
    1993 5th (42)
    1992 1st (104)
    The last individual champion from Indiana came last year when Kurt Krick won the shot put and the Hoosiers caputure the Distance Medley Relay event. An Indiana athlete has won a Big Ten crown in each of the last 10 conference meets.
    Here is a look at Indiana's individual Big Ten champions:
    1948 Charles Peters, 60y, 6.4
    1951 Cliff Anderson, shot put, 16.24 (53-3.5);
    Jim Harper, high jump, 1.92 (6-3.5)
    1954 Jack Wellman, two-mile, 9:25.6;
    Mile Relay (Cusick, Howe, Edwards, Robinson), 3:17.6
    1955 Cal Boyd, high jump, 1.97 (6-5 7/8);
    Mile Relay (Ward, Ely, Cusick, Robinson), 3:19.2
    1956 Don Ward, 440y, 49.2;
    Greg Bell, long jump, 7.60 (24-11 5/8);
    Mile Relay (Caffey, Miller, Ely, Ward), 3:19.9
    1957 Greg Bell, long jump, 7.79 (25-7);
    Brealon Donaldson, pole vault, 4.16 (13-8)
    Willie May, 70y high hurdles, 8.1
    1958 Greg Bell, long jump, 7.71 (25-3.5);
    Mike Smith, 1,000y, 2:14.1
    1959 Willie May, 70y high hurdles, 8.5;
    Ron Long, two-mile, 9:09.6
    1960 Reggie Sheppard, high jump, 1.99 (6-6.5)
    1961 Ed Miles, 60y, 6.2;
    Reggie Sheppard, high jump, 1.99 (6-6.5);
    Mile Relay (Graham, Hibler, Laconi, Clinton), 3:20.0
    1962 Cornelius Miller, high jump, 2.01 (6-7)
    1966 Randy Weddle, 300y, 31.2
    1967 Rich Dilling, 300y, 30.9
    1968 Kevin Grimsley, long jump, 7.39 (24-3.25)
    1969 Gary Hapert, high jump, 2.08 (6-10);
    Paul Gaydos, pole vault, 4.72 (15-6);
    Mike Goodrich, 300y, 30.4;
    1970 Mike Goodrich, 300y, 30.5;
    Terry Musika 440y, 48.1;
    Bob Winchell, shot put, 17.47 (57-4)
    1971 Mike Goodrich, 300y, 30.4;
    Bob Winchell, shot put, 17.88 (58-8)
    1972 Dennis Adama, high jump, 2.16 (7-1)
    1973 Dennis Adama, high jump, 2.11 (6-11);
    Pat Mandera, two mile, 8:43.2
    1974 Dennis Adama, high jump, 2.11 (6-11)
    1975 Craig Caudill, 440y, 47.6;
    Mike McFarland, 60y, 5.9/ 300y, 29.6;
    C. Jackson, 70y high hurdles (tie), 8.3;
    Mile relay (Caudill, Konto, Taylor, Bjelich), 31.43
    1976 Phil Stapp, 70y high hurdles, 8.4
    1977 Mark Shroyer, 600y, 1:10.6;
    Phil Stapp, 70y high hurdles, 8.5
    1978 Tim Graf, 300, 30.5;
    Timi Peters, 440y, 48.4;
    Tommy Hughes, 600y, 1:10.3;
    Robert Cannon, triple jump, 15.76 (51-8.5)
    1979 Wayne Pate, long jump, 7.60 (24-11.25);
    Randy Stoneman, two mile, 8:47.54;
    Bob Berry, high jump, 2.19 (7-2.25);
    Tim Graf, 300y, :30.26;
    Mark Shroyer, 600y, 1:00.06;
    Robert Cannon, triple jump, 16.24 (53-3.5);
    Lance Fox, pole vault, 5.03 (16-6);
    mile relay (Place, Morgan, Shroyer, Lundy),3:14.47
    1980 Wayne Pate, long jump, 7.48 (24-6 1/2);
    Jim Spivey, two mile, 8:53.0/mile, 4:02.22;
    Robert Cannon, triple jump, 15.74 (51-8)
    1981 Sunder Nix, 440y, 47.93
    1982 Sunder Nix, 440y, 46.92;
    Jim Spivey, mile, 4:03.01/two mile, 8:41.49;
    Kerry Zimmerman, long jump, 7.62 (25-0);
    Dave Volz, pole vault, 5.51 (18-1);
    Ron Jones, high jump, 2.20 (7-2.75)
    1983 Sunder Nix, 440y, 46.66;
    Jim Spivey, mile, 4:03.91/two mile, 8:45.65;
    Eric McCarrol, long jump, 7.72 (25-4);
    Larry Streeter, triple jump, 15.52 (50-11);
    Dave Volz, pole vault, 5.21 (17-1.25)
    1984 Sunder Nix, 440y, 46.40 (world indoor record);
    Jon Thomas, 600y, 1:09.93;
    Terry Brahm, mile, 4:04.2/two mile, 8:45.04;
    Ron Jones, high jump, 2.24 (7-4.25) (Big Ten record)
    1985 Albert Robinson, 60y, 6.29;
    Darren Kern, 880y,1:51.26;
    Charles Marsala, 1,000, 2:09.06;
    Terry Brahm, mile, 4:00.63/ two mile, 8:39.98;
    Scott Reed, long jump, 7.48 (24-6.75);
    Larry Streeter, triple jump, 15.95 (52-4)
    1986 Albert Robinson, 55m, 6.28/300y, 33.87;
    Charles Marsala, 1,500m, 3:51.27
    1987 Mark Deady, mile, 4:04.76;
    Mark Rodholm, 880y, 1:52.52,
    Jim White, 1,000y, 2:07.44
    1988 Bob Kennedy, mile, 4:06.98;
    Jim White, 800m, 1:51.68;
    Gary Gooden, 200m, 21.27
    1990 Bob Kennedy, mile, 4:11.34/3,000m, 8:06.30/5,000m,
    Glenn Terry, 200m, 21.50
    1991 Alan Turner, long jump 7.76 (25-5.5)/400m,47.56;
    Bob Kennedy, mile, 4:03.88/3,000m, 7:59.45
    1992 Martin Hill, 55m, 6.29
    Glenn Terry, 55m hurdles, 7.30
    Bob Kennedy, mile, 4:10.52/3,000m, 8:22.54/5,000m, 14:39.35
    1993 Glenn Terry, 55m hurdles, 7.19
    1994 Mark Buse, pole vault, 5.50 (18-0.5)
    1995 Mark Buse, pole vault, 5.55 (18-2.5)
    1996 Nathan Davis, shot put, 19.12 (62-8.75)
    1997 Nathan Davis, shot put, 18.37 (60-3.25)
    1998 Kurt Krick, shot put, 18.43 (60-5.75)
    1999 Distance Medley Relay (Simos, Davis, Billish, Gillen), 9:54.01
    Kurt Krick, shot put, 18.18 (59-7.75)

    60 Meters
    A pair of Hoosiers will look to score in the 60 meters. Senior Russell Brooks is one of the conference's top sprinters. He owns the Hoosier's top time as he posted a 6.76, the Big Ten's fourth fastest time, last weekend.
    Freshman A.C. Carter also posted his top time last weekend as he ran 6.94.
    Hoosiers in the 60 meters
    Russell Brooks 6.76
    A.C. Carter 6.94

    60 Meter Hurdles
    Nick Sears owns the Hoosier's top time in the hurdles. He ran 8.31 at Ohio State on January 22.
    Hoosiers in the 60 meter hurdles
    Nick Sears 8.31

    200 Meters
    Senior Russell Brooks and freshman Duane Stone lead the Hoosiers in the 200 meters. Brooks posted a team best time of 21.68 against Purdue on February 12. Stone's top time of 22.65 came at that same meet.
    Hoosiers in the 200 meters
    Russell Brooks 21.68
    Duane Stone 22.65

    400 Meters
    Senior Sean Cleary will represent the Hoosiers in the 400 meters. His season best time of 49.58 ranks second on the team behind Ryan Huber (who is running the 600 meters). That best time came on January 28 against Notre Dame.
    Hoosiers in the 400 meters
    Sean Cleary 49.58

    600 Meters
    Sophomore Ryan Huber broke the school record in the 600 meters when he ran 1:19.44 on January 28 against Notre Dame. That record had stood since 1992. The record setting time is the fourth fastest in the Big Ten this season.
    Huber will be joined by junior Brad Griggs and freshman Joel Cotton. Griggs ranks second on the team with a time of 1:20.97 which he set on February 12 against Purude.
    Cotton's top time of 1:21.01 is the team's fourth best. It came againt Purdue.
    Hoosiers in the 600 meters
    Ryan Huber 1:19.44
    Brad Griggs 1:20.97
    Joel Cotton 1:21.01

    800 Meters
    A junior and a freshman will lead the Hoosiers in the 800 meters. Freshman Brett Tipton owns the team's top time as he ran 1:52.28 last weekend at the Hoosier Hills Open.
    Junior Mikko Simos ranks second on the team with a time of 1:52.68 which he posted against Purdue on February 12.
    Hoosiers in the 800 meters
    Brett Tipton 1:52.28
    Mikko Simos 1:52.68

    Senior Chris Ekman posted a team best time of 4:12.38 on February 12 againt Purdue. He will represent the Hoosiers in the mile.
    Hoosiers in the Mile
    Chris Ekman 4:12.38

    5,000 Meters
    Freshman Eric Heins will lead Indiana in the 5,000 meters. He owns the team's top time of 14:44.33 which he set on February 4 at the Indiana Invite.
    Hoosiers in the 5,000 Meters
    Eric Heins 14:44.33

    Relay Events
    Indiana's top time in the 4 x 400 relay is 3:17.38 which was set last weekend at the Hoosier Hills Open.
    Hoosiers in the Relay Events
    4 x 400 3:17.38

    High Jump
    Two of the conference's top young jumpers will anchor Indiana in the high jump. Freshman John Miles owns the team's top mark as he jumped 6' 11.75" at Ohio State on January 22.
    Sophomore Jon Lange ranks second on the squad with a mark of 6' 11.5" which he posted last weekend.
    The duo ranks fourth and fifth in the Big Ten respectivley this season.
    Hoosiers in the High Jump
    John Miles 6' 11.75"
    Jon Lange 6' 11.5"

    Long Jump
    Two of the Big Ten's top young long jumpers will represent the Hoosiers this weekend. Freshman Hasaan Reddick leads the team this season with a mark of 22' 2.5" which he set on January 28 against Notre Dame.
    Sophomore Greg Yeldell's top mark this season is 21' 3.5".
    Hoosiers in the Long Jump
    Hasaan Redick 22' 2.5"
    Greg Yeldell 21' 3.5"

    Triple Jump
    The same combo that competes in the long jump for the Hoosiers will also lead Indiana in the triple jump. Sophomore Greg Yeldell owns the team's top triple jump mark this season and the fourth best in the Big Ten. He posted a mark of 51' 0.75" on January 22 at Ohio State.
    Hasaan Reddick's top mark of 49' 4.5", which he set on January 28 against Notre Dame, ranks second on the team.
    Hoosiers in the Triple Jump
    Greg Yeldell 51' 0.75"
    Hasaan Reddick 49' 4.5"

    Pole Vault
    A trio of Hoosiers will compete in the pole vault. Sophomores Ian Curry and Dino Efthimiou have battled for the team's top honors all season long. Curry owns the Hoosier's top mark with a vault of 16' 8.5" last weekend.
    Efthimiou vaulted 16' 7.25" on January 8 in the first meet of the season.
    Junior Brian Garroitte will also represent the Hoosiers. His top mark of 15' 9" came last weekend.
    Hoosiers in the Pole Vault
    Ian Curry 16' 8.5"
    Dino Efthimiou 16' 7.25"
    Brian Garroitte 15' 9"

    Shot Put
    Freshman Mike Minton leads the Hoosiers in the shot put. His team best mark of 57' 2", which he set on February 4 at the Indiana Invite, ranks fifth in the Big Ten.
    The Indiana Invite also saw senior Ben Jackson's top throw of 53' 4.25" which ranks second on the team.
    Junior Wasyl Fedoriw will also compete for the Hoosiers. He ranks third on the team with a mark of 52' 8.25" which he set on February 12 against Purdue.
    Hoosiers in the Shot Put
    Mike Minton 57' 2"
    Ben Jackson 53' 4.25"
    Wasyl Fedoriw 52' 8.25"

    35 lb Weight Throw
    Senior Ben Jackson leads the Hoosiers in weight throw. He owns the team's top mark of 55' 10.5" which he set last weekend.
    Junior Wasyl Fedoriw ranks third on the team with a mark of 51' 4.5" which he set on February 12 against Purdue.
    Hoosiers in the Weight Throw
    Ben Jackson 55' 10.5"
    Wasyl Fedoriw 51' 4.5"



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