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    Behind the Scenes With Thrower Wil Fleming

    Go Hoosiers! Wil Fleming is a senior thrower on the Hoosier track and field team.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Wil Fleming is a senior thrower on the Hoosier track and field team.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 29, 2005

    Behind the Scenes With Indiana Track and Field: Wil Fleming

    Favorite Food: I love to cook, so whatever I come up with that night.

    Favorite TV Show: Lost, I have watched every episode at least twice.

    Favorite Movie: Gladiator, although everytime I see Rudy or Hoosiers, it brings a tear to my eyes.

    Favorite Bloomington restaurant: Macri's Deli, I wait tables there and my sister is the General Manager so that was a loaded question.

    Favorite Musical Group/Singer: Pat Green. I got an autographed guitar pick from him at the last concert that I went to.

    Favorite Sport Other then track and field: I love playing golf. I actually won a division of the Bloomington city tournament this summer in one of the most exciting championship matches in history.

    Favorite IU Class: Medical Nutrition Therapy. It deals with treating and preventing diseases through the foods you eat.

    Favorite Vacation spot: The Atlantis, in the Bahamas is the coolest place on earth.

    Favorite Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell

    Favorite Place on Campus: I would have to say right around the hammer cage at the track complex. During the spring deer are always out eating and it is just a really serene place to be.

    Favorite kind of Candy: I really don't eat candy but I have an affinity for Krispy Kreme donuts

    Favorite Professional Athlete: Koji Murofushi, a hammer thrower, but in main stream sports I love the way Tiger Woods competes.

    Name three people, (dead or alive) that you would like to have dinner with: Any sitting president (I would love to talk to him about the tremendous responsibility that goes along with the job).Tiger Woods, just to ask him about his approach to competition. Mandy Moore could come as my date.

    Any superstitions before competing? I don't have to do things the same way before competitions but I definitely prefer to compete in the same clothing and do my warmup in the same way, I try to avoid the unexpected.

    What is your major and why? Nutrition Science. I chose it so that I could help my own training. Lucky for me it is a rapidly growing field as it is a preventive form of medicine over which the individual has control.

    Something the average person doesn't know about me: I will be in the Olympics in 2008.

    The best things about IU track and field is... the opportunity to become the best athlete I can be

    My goals for the 2006 season are... To break the school record, the Big Ten record, become a Big Ten Champion in the hammer throw and ultimately the NCAA champion. I would love to be part of a team that wins the Big Ten Championship as well, but all I can do about that is be the best in my event and try to motivate the younger throwers to do as well as they can.



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