Men's Cross Country


    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    September 18, 1998


    Knoxville, Tenn. --The Indiana men's cc team finished where coach Robert Chapman expected. That happened to be a distant fifth at the Tennessee Invitational.

    Sophomore Aaron Gillen also led the men for the second consecutive week and finished 11th overall.

    "We are where we expect to be," said IU men's coach Robert Chapman. "It was a good effort, but we need to pick up the intensity."

    Next home meet: The Hoosiers host the Indiana Invitational Saturday September 26. The women run at 10 a.m. followed by the men at 10:45 a.m.

    Men (8k)
    Tennessee (Tenn) 42
    Ohio State (OSU) 49
    Wake Forest (WF) 67
    Florida (Fla) 83
    Indiana (IU) 109
    UNC-Asheville (UNCA) 195
    Louisiana State (LSU) 198

    1. Ian Connor, OSU, 25:22.65
    2. Anthony Famiglietti, Tenn, 25:27.12
    3. Doug Ellington, Tenn, 25:41.16
    4. David Gonzalez, OSU, 25:48.48
    5. Jon Jamison, Tenn, 25:53.07
    6. Rob Evans, Fla, 25:55.28
    7. Matt Shady, WF, 25:58.22
    8. Eddie Ernest-Jones, Fla, 26:04.08
    9. Jeff O' Reilley, OSU, 26:04.67
    10. Stephen Smeyak, Fla, 26:05.04

    11. Aaron Gillen, IU, 26:05.60
    17. Jon Teipen, IU, 26:30.00
    22. Dan Billish, IU, 26:44.95


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