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    Q&A With Chapman (10-16

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Q & A with Coach Robert Chapman

    Assess your team's development at this point in the season - who are the biggest surprises and what are the biggest areas of emphasis heading to the month of November?

    "Aerobically, I feel that we are very strong - maybe the strongest (aerobically) we have been in my 6 years here. We've just started to phase in more quality oriented work, so it is a little hard to tell exactly where we are at on that front. The biggest area of emphasis for us in the coming weeks will be the balance between adding in the quality work, but still having fresh legs come race day."

    What is the team's toughest obstacle to overcome in order to achieve their goals?

    "Being able to do the quality work we need to do over the next four to six weeks, but still having fresh legs for races. It's a delicate balance that is different for each individual. We need to hit it as close as we can."

    What are the biggest things that the team has learned through the first six weeks of the season?

    "That we still can run pretty darn fast off of strength and threshold oriented work. That and we need to get some shoe deodorant for some of the guys."

    This year's meet is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - based on your knowledge, compare their course with say, IUs? Knowing what you know about each course on which your team competes, how does that impact preparation?

    "We've never run there before, so the course is going to be new to all of us. It is a golf course, and I hear the footing is very good. So it runs faster than our course from a footing standpoint, and it has some roll to it, but not as much as IU's course. The biggest concern from a course standpoint would be the tempo that the race will go out at in the first mile. I think we are more ready for a fast first mile than we were two weeks ago, but we're still early into our quality work."



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