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    Chapman Q&A (11/11/04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana men's cross country coach Dr. Robert Chapman recently sat down with to preview Saturday's NCAA Great Lakes Regional meet in Ypsilanti, Mich., and the ensuing NCAA Championship. He also discussed some facets of the team not many people may know about.

    One of the more interesting things about the 2004 men's cross country team is the fact that the seven student-athletes who will run at the NCAA Regional came to Indiana for a combined 2.04 scholarships. If the team makes it to the NCAA Championship, it will be by far the fewest of the 31 teams at the meet. Of the seven runners, four are walk-ons.

    "To simply make the NCAA's with that number of scholarships and walk-on's would be an amazing feat, let alone the fact of being ranked 10th in the nation at this point in the season," said Chapman. "It is a remarkable accomplishment."

    In comparison, having that few of scholarships on such a successful team can be compared to a football team being ranked top ten in the country, but only having approximately 30 scholarships.

    Below are the rest of Chapman's questions he discussed with

    With the NCAA Regionals and Championships fast approaching, how does that impact what the training schedule is like for the next several weeks?
    "All season, the training has been geared for November 22nd and the special things we have a chance to accomplish in indoor track. So things are still right on track with training."

    What is your team's training approach between the Big Ten Championship and the NCAA's?
    "Success at the NCAA's is dependent on the ability to run two 10K's nine days apart. So our training is a balance between getting some final sharpening work in and being tapered for those two 10K's."

    How does last week's Big Ten Championship affect the runners confidence and mindset heading into the last two races of the season?
    "The guys have been very focused on the championship portion of the season. I sense their heads are in the right place. Big Ten's was very business-like. We flew in, ran and got second, and flew home to get ready for the NCAA's. The seven guys who will run the NCAA's have a combined total of 19 NCAA Championship appearances in XC, indoor, and outdoor track. They are a very experienced and a very professional group of young men."

    What must the team do in order to accomplish goals set at the beginning of the season and how do you feel your team's performance this season has been up to this point?
    "We'll need to get through the NCAA Regional. We have come to view the Regional more as a prelim to get into the final, which is the NCAA Championship. So we'll want to make sure that we get the job done, but hopefully leave a little in the tank for the NCAA Championship. The guys are definitely fit and strong, probably the most fit crew I have had at Indiana. If five of them can race up to that high fitness level at the NCAA's, I think they have a good shot of accomplishing what I know are some pretty high goals that they have set for themselves as a team."



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