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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    November 22, 1999


    Bloomington, Ind- Indiana University played host the 1999 NCAA cc Championships today at the IU cc Course. Arkansas came away the overall winner with 58 points.

    The individual winner for the men was David Kimani, a freshman from South Alabama. He completed the race with a time of 30:06.6. "I knew it was going to be a big time race. At some point I knew that I had to get going and win it," said Kimani.

    The second place finisher was Michael Power from Arkansas with a time of 30:09.6. "I was feeling good. I wanted to use my speed to my advantage. It was a good race. We all knew that last two miles would show the difference between the big boys and who shouldn't be there [in front]," commented Power.

    The top three finishers beat former Hoosiers Bob Kennedy's course record of 30:15.3.

    Men's Results
    1. David Kimani South Alabama 30:06.6
    2. Michael Power Arkansas 30:09.6
    3. Steve Fein Oregon 30:14.3
    4. Matthew Dowin Wisconsin 30:25:9
    5. Matthew Lane William & Mary 30:27.8
    6. John Schoenfelder Wisconsin 30:35.7
    7. Andrew Begley Arkansas 30:40.6
    8. Paul Morrison Princeton 30:42.5
    9. Keith Kelly Providence 30:42.5
    10. James Karanu Arkansas 30:44.7

    Team Results
    1. Arkansas 58
    2. Wisconsin 185
    3. NC-State 201
    4. Stanford 223
    5. Michigan 382
    6. Oregon 306
    7. Colorado 307
    8. Notre Dame 312
    9. Iona 308
    10. Arizona 346

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