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    Excellence Academy Summer Internship The Excellence Academy Summer Internship is a paid, flexible 175-hour internship that allows student-athletes to gain work experience in one of six areas: Compliance, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, IT, Leadership and Life Skills, and Academics. For more information on future opportunities, please contact Portia Jones.

    Coach for College- Service Abroad Opportunity
    Coach for College is a service learning program that brings together US student-athletes and Vietnamese university students to teach academics, sports and life skills at summer camps to children in rural Vietnam.

    This program was created to serve two populations: disadvantaged youth in rural parts of developing countries who have difficulties accessing higher education, and student-athletes at American universities whose year-round commitment to sports prohibits them from having the same civic engagement opportunities as other college students. In particular, Coach for College provides a forum for American college student-athletes, as those who received access to higher education through sports, to in turn use sports to help provide youth in countries abroad with access to higher education. The program also serves as a vehicle for civic engagement among college students with skill and/or interest in sports and for the physical, emotional, and mental development of the youth they serve. Coach for College has been designed as a global program, with intended long-term programming at the district level in several locations within Vietnam and other countries.

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    IU Athletics Marketing 2015 Summer and Year-Long Internships
    For more information on future opportunities, please contact Jonathan Benedek.

    Graduate Assistantship Opportunities
    Indiana University Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion - Click here to apply.

    For any help with resumes, cover letters, personal statement, job searching, assistance with the interview processes, post grad scholarships or any other career-related assistance, please contact Lisa Franz or Portia Jones. Click here to visit the Indiana University Career Development Center, which provides information and services for choosing your major, finding internships and careers, on-campus recruiting, job fairs and career advising. Click here to get information on how to build a resume.

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