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    Indiana student-athletes are among the very best in the country and the Big Ten Conference when it comes to graduating and competing at the highest level. The NCAA's Graduation Success Rate (GSR) is a measure to compare student-athlete academic success with the overall student body at a national level. The 82% GSR rate exceeds the national average of 76%

    Indiana compares favorably across the board in the Big Ten conference as well, ranking in the top three in the league for Football, Men's and Women's Basketball. Even more impressive is the 92% graduation rate for student-athletes who exhaust their eligibility. Indiana has consistently ranked in the top three in the league for GSR and this past year is no different. Indiana's student-athletes once again remained consistent in ranking among the league leaders in Academic All-Big Ten and All-American selections.

    The Academic Progress Rate (APR) is also a calculation used by the NCAA to measure retention and eligibility as a means of increasing graduation rates for student-athletes. Indiana continues to excel in this area as well, ranking 20 of its 24 teams above the national average in their respective sports. In addition, 62% of Indiana's sports have showed an upwards trend in comparison to past years. Women's Golf was nationally recognized as being in the top 10% in the country for their APR score. More than half of Indiana's teams have APR's in the top half of the conference.

    Much of our success can be attributed to our hands-on approach and focus on our first year students and their experience at IU. We understand there is an adjustment process and we have emphasized the experience of our first year student-athletes in order to increase academic success and retention rates.

    Indiana University's Student Development and Compliance Office have been serving student-athletes since 1976. It has proven consistently to be one of the most progressive in the country. In addition to a full-time advising staff and multiple compliance officers, interns and graduate assistants are also employed to a high level of assistance to all student-athletes regardless of scholarship status.

    Additionally, the office utilizes the services of over a 100 people within the IU academic community to assist with an individualized tutoring program aimed at meeting the needs of student-athletes. Our students are able to access tutors for nearly all academic subjects throughout their entire careers at IU. Tutors receive specific subject training as well as instruction on assisting students with special learning needs.

    The office includes advising meeting rooms, study areas for tutors and students to work together, large and small studying rooms and a dedicated computer lab for student-athletes in Assembly Hall. This area is the center of activity for IU student-athletes and serves as a central meeting place for several IU student-athlete groups.

    The office provides the following services:

    Academic Services

    • Dedicated academic advisor to monitor the academic progress of student-athletes on a regular basis
    • Maintain a specialized tutoring staff available to all student-athletes
    • Sustain consistent communication with faculty and staff through a feedback system throughout the semester requesting professors to provide information concerning the academic progress of student-athletes
    • Provide a supervised study environment for student-athletes meeting with tutors, working in groups or studying alone in a quiet atmosphere
    • Coordinate various educational workshops throughout the course of the year
    • Track the progress of student-athletes as they work towards graduation status
    • Monitor NCAA, Big Ten and Indiana eligibility rules and progress towards degree rules

    Information Services

    • Disseminate information on all aspects of the University and give referral assistance when deemed necessary
    • Information student-athletes of their academic progress each semester
    • Maintain a high level of communication with campus faculty and staff as well as other campus officials in all colleges and departments
    • Refer student-athletes to the appropriate source for graduation status

    Advising Services

    • Assist in planning schedules each semester with the student-athlete to ensure compliance with the Big Ten/NCAA Progress Rules and IU regulations
    • Provide assistance in choice of major and career counseling
    • Counsel individuals concerning issues of a personal and/or academic nature

    Developmental Services

    • Support in making a smooth transition to life as a student-athlete
      • Making the transition from high school to university academics
      • Learning appropriate and effective advocacy skills
      • Developing strategies for balanced growth and development
    • Support in learning skills and strategies necessary for success in the college classroom
      • Private consultation with a dedicated Learning Specialist
      • Informal reading and study skills assessment
      • Communication and coordination with Academic Department Advisors
      • Various learning workshops to enhance all learning strategies and techniques
      • Communication with tutors to monitor daily progress and to support skill development
      • Develop effective strategies for the use of content area tutoring

    Other Services

    • Serve as the liaison with the Dean of Students for issues regarding academic and other misconduct issues
    • Provide counseling for any issue regarding transition to college life, academics, and athletically related issues
    • Serve as liaison with Residential Programs and Services

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