Student Development

    Indiana University SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)

    "Serving and working to improve the student-athlete experience"

    Who is SAAC?

    SAAC is an NCAA-sponsored committee of student-athletes who are committed to serving and providing opportunities for the student-athletes at Indiana University. The IU SAAC is made up of representatives from each athletic team, who act on the behalf of all student-athletes.

    What does SAAC do?

    • Discuss and address the concerns of student-athletes
    • Communicate and work with the Indiana University Administration
    • Design programs to fit the needs of IU student-athletes
    • Provide input on NCAA, Big Ten and Indiana University policies
    • Update athletes on any changes that affect the IU athletic program
    • Promote a positive student-athlete image

    How to get involved...

    Contact your team's SAAC representative


    The SAAC Executive Board
    Nicole Volgraf, Field Hockey - President
    Terry Batemon, Men's Track and Field
    Nick Grubnich, Men's Golf
    Shannon Crawley, Softball
    Lora Olson, Softball
    Bernard Taylor, Football

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