Student Development

    Indiana University SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)

    "Serving and working to improve the student-athlete experience"

    Who is SAAC?

    SAAC is an NCAA-sponsored committee of student-athletes who are committed to serving and providing opportunities for the student-athletes at Indiana University. The IU SAAC is made up of representatives from each athletic team, who act on the behalf of all student-athletes.

    What does SAAC do?

    • Discuss and address the concerns of student-athletes
    • Communicate and work with the Indiana University Administration
    • Design programs to fit the needs of IU student-athletes
    • Provide input on NCAA, Big Ten and Indiana University policies
    • Update athletes on any changes that affect the IU athletic program
    • Promote a positive student-athlete image

    How to get involved...

    Contact your team's SAAC representative


    The SAAC Executive Board
    Nicole Volgraf, Field Hockey - President
    Terry Batemon, Men's Track and Field
    Nick Grubnich, Men's Golf
    Shannon Crawley, Softball
    Lora Olson, Softball
    Bernard Taylor, Football

    SAAC Meeting - April 1
    Fred Glass, Indiana University Vice President and Director of Athletics, came to speak at our last SAAC meeting on April 1. He discussed the features of the new South Endzone project and answered other questions from our Hooiser Leadership.

    Next SAAC Meeting is April 29.

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