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    IU-Purdue Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers! Amber Jackson had her second double-double of the year against Purdue.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Amber Jackson had her second double-double of the year against Purdue.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 3, 2008

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    Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack

    Opening Statement
    "I never thought I'd have to sit here again and make this statement, but as a team, Purdue wanted it more than we did, and that is unfortunate. A couple of our kids, one to my left (junior guard Kim Roberson)and to my right (junior forward Amber Jackson), came ready to go into battle, and (Purdue) brought their entire team. With the tradition and the history behind them and the entire team coming to play, it takes a toll on the couple players that came to play. We're going to have to regroup and figure it all out again and find a way to get this taste out of our mouths and get ready to battle Illinois on Sunday."

    On whether this was the opportunity to beat Purdue:
    "It is not about them struggling and us doing well. It is about us going out and playing Indiana basketball. We're supposed to come a certain way every day no matter who we play, no matter what our record is, no matter what the scenario is. Today we looked at Purdue, and for the most part said, `Oh, my goodness.' That is unfortunate because I give every team a lot of respect, but we have no fear of anybody, and that is what we are trying to teach our young women. It is bigger than the game of basketball. It is a microcosm of life. When you have fear of anybody, it is going to be the death of you. We're going to regroup and figure out what happened and come back and get better."

    On the two runs that Purdue made in the game:
    "They made twenty shots. We made twenty shots. The only difference is they got to the free throw line a lot more than we did. 15-of-17 to 5-of-9. We didn't attack as well as we needed to, and we'll take some responsibility for that as well. Maybe we should have switched up the defense to give us a little more energy. We're going to look at film and try to figure this thing out."

    On the team's struggles behind the three point line:
    "When you shoot the ball with hesitancy, it is going to come short or long, and a few or our kids as if they couldn't believe that they were open. The worst that can happen is they will block your shot and maybe get the ball back. We showed a sense of fear."

    On what the team will lean on when the offense struggles:
    "We hang our hats on our defense. Defense is something that propels us. We are going to keep shooting. We are going to keep playing our game. We set up plays for our kids to score. We get them shots and we need to make those shots. We couldn't have been more wide open on a couple occasions those shots just didn't fall for us. We are going to keep believing that our offense is going to be significant to us, and our defense is what we're going to hang our hats on."

    On Jamie Braun's off game:
    "You are not going to see that side of Jamie too often. She is in a different position, and in all fairness to her, she has been fantastic for us all season. Today was a down game for her, and players like that don't stay down. They got her this time. We've got to play them again. Hopefully she can show a better performance the next time we play them."

    Junior forward Amber Jackson
    On not looking forward to Purdue again:
    "I feel like any game we go into, we have to focus on the game that is right in front of us. We do have Purdue in two more games, but we have to focus on the teams we have before them. I'm not looking ahead, I'm looking at Illinois right now. That is what we have to focus on."

    Purdue Head Coach Sharon Versyp

    Opening Statement:
    "This was a very big game for us, one being the IU-Purdue rivalry and we needed to win a game on the road. In the Big Ten everybody's goal is to win their home games and then to steal a few on the road. I thought our kids did a really good job tonight and responded well in the second half and made some runs that allowed us to win."

    On Purdue's transition game:
    "Being able to knock down shots and attacking the basket, I think that was key for us. Half-court game is fine, but we would rather be able to spread it out and just play the game."

    On holding Indiana in check on the perimeter:
    "We played a variety of defenses. Our game plan was to make them shoot from the outside. They have great one-on-one players and they score well, so we were going to see if they were going to start knocking down some three's. They took 22 and made four so we didn't have to adjust our game too much. We were fortunate that we weren't knocking down the three, and we adjusted ourselves to make sure we went inside and were able to penetrate and do some pull-up jumpers because our three-point shot wasn't going. But that was the game plan from the beginning."

    Center Danielle Campbell

    On getting the game tied to end the half:
    "We just maintained confidence that we were going to win the game and we knew that at one point in the first half they had the momentum and we had to get it back. And we did."

    On winning on the road:
    "It boosts our confidence to come in here on someone else's court and win it for coach. It means a lot to us to finally get a win on the road. We know in the future we can handle anybody if we all play together."




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