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    Illinois vs. Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers! Junior Kim Roberson scored 15 points in Indiana's win over Illinois.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Junior Kim Roberson scored 15 points in Indiana's win over Illinois.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 6, 2008

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    Illinois at Indiana
    Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008
    Postgame Quotes

    Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack

    "Today, I felt that this was a great team win. It is very obvious what Whitney (Thomas) and Jamie (Braun) did. You can look at the stats and see that they really were elephants for our team today. What we didn't see on stats was what people like Andrea McGuirt did. Get the steal that changed the game around down the stretch, and to come off the bench as cold as she was, we thought that was fantastic. Whitney (Lindsay) came off the bench and did some fantastic things for us. Because of Amber (Jackson) being a presence on the block, it allowed our guards to have some freedom and do some things. Kim Roberson's defense is never going to be questioned. This to us was a great team win."

    On free throws:
    "Our whole motivation is to be in attack mode, and if the shot is not falling from the perimeter, you have to attack the basket. In the last game, we saw a zone and were held hostage by a zone. Our thought process today and going forward is we are not going to be held hostage by anything anymore. If you can get around the zone, you've got to go through the zone. This was a player-to-player kind of team and it made it a little bit easier for us to attack, but that is just kind of who we are."

    On the end of a busy opening week of Big Ten play:
    "Our conference is alive and well. Right now I don't know if we're getting the right respect nationally, but I just believe we're being a lot more competitive. Minnesota has done a great job and Ohio State. We beat a good team tonight. Illinois is fantastic, and Penn State is playing great basketball, and you haven't heard the last of Michigan State. Wisconsin is a force to be reckoned with as well. Our conference is happening right now, and I'm hoping we're going to see a lot of representation in the postseason."

    On taking care of the ball:
    "They took ownership of what they thought belonged to them, and when you take ownership and you believe something belongs to you, you're not just going to give it away as easily as the next. We've kept the focus on ownership. That being the reason why we've become something successful, and that becomes protecting the ball. That becomes making the passes. They just did a lot of team things, and one of the team things was taking care of the ball."

    On defense:
    "They're a methodical team. They're not going to do anything too fast. They want to watch you make a mistake defensively and make you pay for it. I really like what Coach Law is doing over at Illinois. Focus matched focus today. We gave up some opportunities, but our focus for the most part held true. We just had to play defense a little bit longer, and that is why we utilized our bench a little bit more. If you are going to play defense for 25-26 seconds, you're going to get worn out. We didn't wear out because we utilized our bench, and we stayed fresh down the stretch."

    Junior forward Whitney Thomas
    On the team's rebounding:
    "Coach Jack just said that we have to block out and hold our block out and the ball has to hit the ground before you go get it. That just really helped us in the end. They started getting tired, and in the end they weren't going after it as much, and we were able to get the rebounds."

    On defending the conference's leading scorer in Jenna Smith:
    "She is a great player, but there are a lot of great players. I feel like my teammate, Amber Jackson, is just as good of a player. That really showed tonight when we went one on one, and Amber was there and took her away. It was just a great matchup."

    Sophomore guard Jamie Braun
    On better numbers after a tough game against Purdue:
    "I think this game was a lot different because I actually had an attack mentality. That is something that Coach Jack had requested before the game. It just opened up a lot of openings for me and my teammates."

    Illinois Head Coach Jolette Law

    Opening Statement:
    "I think Indiana played a very intense game. They played 40 minutes. They didn't let up. We had our opportunities to get a victory, but things just didn't work out in our favor."

    On what she told the team after the game:
    "Just, it is another opportunity that we let go. Letting them know that right now everyone in this league is chasing the Big Ten Championship and we have to make sure that we have to change our mindset to be able to take and to take advantage of these opportunities or we are pretty much going to be in the same situation we were last year.

    On the team's improved performance in the second half:
    "I think we dictated more on defense. Our defense created a lot of opportunities. The young ladies came out (in the second half) and I think we played confident. The message was at halftime, that we need to make sure we tie the game in the first five minutes. In their house we are down 10 so we went out and started dictating our defense and doing the little things, meanwhile being the aggressor. We started creating opportunities and it you start doing those things, shots start falling, the basket looks a little bigger."

    Sophomore Forward Jenna Smith
    On whether the team felt they were not attacking the basket enough:
    "After they got that `and 1' our mentality just kind of went down. We didn't come together; we didn't dictate like we were when we caught that lead. After that we rushed things and we were playing to their advantage. We were doing the things they wanted us to do. We were rushing shots; we weren't doing the little things that got us back in the game."

    Senior Forward Danyel Crutcher
    On her offensive rebounding:
    "Our guards, we were off, so it was just seeing the ball and going after it, wanting it. We had a lot of offensive rebounds and we didn't necessarily capitalize on them, you know, getting second-chance points. We missed a lot of bunnies."




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