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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 31, 2008

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    Indiana head coach Felisha Legette-Jack

    Opening Statement
    "We played for reasons outside of the game. Today we played for a girl named Melissa, who has a brain tumor. She took it upon herself to come and be a part of our team today. She was in our locker room and was the captain of our team for today. Our kids stepped outside of themselves and played for something bigger than themselves. This just shows you what kind of team we have here; they step up in times of need and when things are bigger than the wins and losses. They become a different type of team. Today I couldn't be more proud of these young women, who, collectively played with passion. That is the first time, that I can remember, that each one of them played with such passion. Lydia (Serfling) on the last play of the game, after the game is over, she is out there diving on the floor and snatching the ball away from their post player. That says a lot about where we are and who we are becoming."

    On five different players scoring in double figures:
    "As cliché as it sounds, there is no `I' in team and there certainly is no `I' in this team. They really don't care who gets the credit; we all want to be in that locker room celebrating with the win. We all feel that anybody on this team can step up and be a great scorer. Haylie (Linn) broke the game wide open coming off the bench and coming in and do what she did. It was her time, it wasn't her right to not shoot the ball, it was her obligation to shoot it because she was open and they fell for us today."

    On holding Wisconsin's leading scorer, Jolene Anderson scoreless in the first half:
    "Well I'm not doing anything. We put it in our minds that if we hold a great player like Jolene Anderson down, we certainly didn't think we would hold her scoreless for a half, but we said if we paid attention to her because the offense went through her, then we could be successful. Everybody did a great job when she came to their side and collectively, we did a great job of knowing exactly where she was.

    "This was the first time we went back to our bread and butter, the match-up zone. That is the foundation of our defense. It is very difficult to beat two Hoosiers and now you have to deal with four or five at one time. I think that it's a tough defense when we are clicking on all cylinders."

    On the team:
    "This is a good team. It is unfortunate the fans didn't come and recognize that they have a good product here, but we are going to keep playing. The people that came, all 916 of them, saw a really good time out here and a team playing for something bigger than themselves. Our goal is to have 10,000 people in the stands very soon.

    "As you can see, we have a point guard calling the plays from the shooting guard position, and we have a shooting guard bringing the ball up the floor. They are doing everything that I think Indiana stands for, `Together We Can.' And our goal is to shout that from the rooftop and hopefully one day we will get 10,000-plus in here to watch these young women show their creativity."

    Wisconsin Head Coach Lisa Stone

    Opening Statement:
    "Certainly, hats off to Indiana. They lead the Big Ten in steals for a reason. I thought Kim Roberson was fantastic, defensively, for them. We had 15 turnovers in the first half and an additional five in the first five minutes of the second half which means you have 20 turnovers in 25 minutes of play. From there on we had three turnovers and made a late run. It was just too much; we built ourselves too big of a hole. They made seven threes in the first half and a lot of that...we faced a big wall defensively and offensively in that first half and it was just too hard to get out of. We gave them some confidence and a lot of that is due to the fact that they caused us to turn the ball over so often.

    On Indiana finishing with five players scoring in double figures:
    "We got (Amber) Jackson in foul trouble in the first half and we thought we could utilize our size but they were just so aggressive that we couldn't get the ball inside. Again, you credit them; they played hard. They are very tenacious and they had so much defense going that their offense had a ton of confidence. They were free-flowing and we experienced that ourselves at home the last two games, but coming in here I really felt good about the momentum we had brought in here."

    On Indiana's balanced attack:
    "When things are going well, they go well. They got everybody involved; I mean everybody scored. They threw the ball inside and if we had a 6-4, 6-5 kid guarding either Jackson or Thomas inside they would drive at us. They have very good outside shooters; they are very athletic. I thought their guards were fantastic; Jamie Braun, Haylie Linn, those are Wisconsin kids and they felt pretty good knocking shots down against us. I think Kim Roberson was the x-factor due to her defensive pressure. Her five steals led directly to something."

    Guard Jolene Anderson
    On scoring 23 points in the second half:
    "To be honest, I got called out at halftime. I am a senior captain; I wasn't leading this team the way I should so I knew coming into the second half that I need to pick up in every aspect: defense, offense, just do what I need to do for this basketball team to win. So that was just something that coach really challenged the seniors, especially, to do that. So I just went out there and did the best I could."

    On the IU defensive play resulting in her getting only two shots off in the first half:
    "I saw a lot of things. I knew Coach Jack was going to come up with something. It was just they were always there with me; whether I was standing there or moving, there was always someone following with me. I've just got to do a better job of reading the defense and getting open. I have to give credit to Indiana's defense.




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