Women's Basketball

    Indiana vs. Northwestern

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 7, 2008

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    Indiana Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack
    Opening Statement
    "I just think our team is getting better. I think after a loss our focus is a lot more intense in practice. When we started off, we were not as focused as we wanted to be. But after a minute on the court, we really played some good Indiana basketball and it allowed us to take a good lead so we can really play other combinations with people in different positions. I'm really excited about how we're looking right now and I'm really pleased with our performance. I'm never satisfied, we still have a lot of room to grow, but you can see growth is happening here.

    On the opportunity to win the Big Ten:
    "We don't think about how people think of us, we don't think about first, second, third place. We just want to take care of today. And today we beat a team that was down. Unfortunately, Northwestern is struggling, but you have to go out there and really impose yourself. Tomorrow we're going to think about practicing for Illinois. We're going to run a practice on Saturday and then we're going to go against Illinois on Sunday. We're just not old enough to think about where we stand right now. We just want to play Indiana basketball and in March and hopefully late March, we'll still be out there playing some basketball."

    On Jamie Braun:
    "Jamie is really a player that could be thought about as the best in the country. Jamie is playing big-time basketball. She's doing some things with her right hand equally as well as her left hand. She's feeling out where her teammates want the ball, where they need the ball, being a team player, but she's still attacking when she needs to attack. We fought this position at the beginning of the season, she didn't want to be a point guard, but we knew that she could be a great point guard and she's proven us right."

    On playing the younger players toward the end of the game:
    "Everything's calculated. We really put a lot of hours into trying to make things happen. We want to have this combination, see how it looks and see how the combination works. They've earned it. We've been practicing really hard. We're at a point right now where you don't know who are the starters and who is coming off the bench. They are really Hoosier sisters and true and true, the fights are for real and the love is for real and the push is for real. They get out there and want to play for each other. We've got freshmen that are outplaying upperclassmen, they're playing like late freshmen, early sophomores, and that's a good thing, especially dealing with fantastic teams everywhere and going into March Madness.

    Indiana sophomore Jamie Braun

    On being one of the top scorers in the Big Ten:
    "It feels good. I didn't really know that. Really, it's been feeding off the other players, they've been getting me the ball, setting amazing screens, getting me open for easy shots that I have to make. It's really all about the team and how we've been working together and reading each other and getting some open looks.

    On the team getting on a roll in the second half: "I think it all had to do with us looking for our shots. We were driving and kicking to the open players that were hesitating about their shots when they weren't open. And then we started shooting with a lot of confidence. Ebony [Jackson] came in and hit those two big threes and that was good on her part. I think it was just the confidence to hit our shots."

    Indiana freshman Haylie Linn

    On the seeing five freshmen on the court:
    "I think we look around and we know that's fun. When it's five freshmen, we are like, `Let's do this.' We want to take it on together."

    On learning from Nikki Smith:
    "She's just a great leader. We play the same position, for the most part, so she's always encouraging me. She teaches me about confidence and shooting the ball when I'm open."

    Northwestern Head Coach Beth Combs

    Opening Statement:
    "It is frustrating to know you are in a game and you allow a couple of baskets ... you know, you are going to allow baskets. You are never going to win, 2-0, if both teams show up. You have to be able to play through streaks and play through runs and we just aren't doing that right now."

    On the play of Amy Jaeschke:
    "Amy is a great player and we need her to be a great player for us. We expect that from her; we haven't been getting that enough from her. She hadn't been aggressive enough to get herself to the free throw line. We are happy she could do that tonight. We need to be able to do that early and often and not in the last 10 minutes of the game."

    On Amy Jaeschke's play after missing the nonconference season with a broken hand:
    "It set her back a ton. She missed the entire nonconference season. She played in the first half of the first game, broke her hand in that first game and didn't come back until conference. I think with the pressure and expectations on her I think she has handled herself very well. She is in early December form right now, which is unfortunate and doesn't help our team much. But she understands the importance of her being able to perform and I think weekly we have seen her get where she needs to be."

    On trying to stop Jamie Braun:
    "She is a great player. She just makes shots. She makes plays. When she can't make the play she finds a player that does it. She just makes everybody around her better and she is a tough player to defend. You can be right in her face and she's going to hit it or she going to go around you and she as a great little up-and-under move that guards aren't used to defending. She is a gamer."




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