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    Michigan at Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 17, 2008

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    Michigan at Indiana
    Postgame Quotes
    Sunday, Feb. 17, 2008

    Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack
    Opening Statement:
    "This is a team that we enjoy coaching. Our team played poised and played focused. Michigan is a great team as well, but we just didn't think about our opponent at all. It was all about what we came to do. Our chat with our team today was if someone is never going to see us play again, what kind of response are they going to have after this 40 minutes. Today, they showed that they can step up. There is a lot of room at the top for us, so we could take a step up the ladder, today."

    On getting a top-five seed at the Big Ten Tournament:
    "Why not finish first? If we're going to set goals, we want to be number one. We've got five games left. There is a lot of room to do some fun things here in this conference. A lot of teams have got to play each other that are tough. We're not going to set our goals low, we're just going to play one game at a time. Things can happen in the positive when you start staying focused, but if you're going to set a goal, we're certainly not going to settle for number five. We always think number one is a fun number to go after."

    On Georgia Follmer and Whitney Lindsay getting the start today:
    "I just think that we can move people around. We're a team of twelve, and any given day, you're number is going to be called and you need to respond to that. I thought Whitney (Lindsay) definitely responded to great minutes. She played with a lot of passion, a lot of poise, and made a lot of great contributions to players that like to shoot the ball. I think Jamie (Braun), being a point guard, we lose sight of her being a great scorer, and this gave us an opportunity to use Jamie as a scorer, today. It was no big deal, we knew they were going to go big, and we went big with them. It worked in our favor. I think Georgia (Follmer) did a great job, too."

    On having a day to honor women, and raise breast cancer awareness:
    "It is fantastic to see all these young girls running around here with their eyes wide open, and you have the possibility to inspire them just for a moment. I take that very personally. I look at these young ladies and say this could be our future president or CEO. It is very important that they understand it is not a `boy sport'. It is a sport. It is a health issue. You get out there and you run and play. It is a healthy thing to do, and you don't have to be a boy to play sports. It is neat that they are not only seeing us play, but they are getting the idea that they can be anything they want to be. These are phenomenal girls right now. One day they are going to be phenomenal women."

    On playing against Michigan's defense:
    "We attacked the basket. We didn't think about Michigan, we're not going to think about Wisconsin. We're not going to think about anybody but what we can do. If we stay focused on us, and show them a little of what they can do, then we can be fine. We went back to who we were, and that is attacking the basket. Once we attacked the basket, great things happen. I don't know the last time we shot 24 free throws in a game. I still think we can go for 30 if we attack the basket a little bit more aggressively."

    Freshman guard Whitney Lindsay
    On getting to start the game:
    "It was exciting, number one because it is my birthday, and two, because it is a different energy than coming off the bench, as a starter. Just coming out there as a starter and getting the chemistry started instead of coming into it, it is a big difference. It gave me more energy."

    Junior forward Whitney Thomas
    On the "Think Pink" event and doing things for the community:
    "This is definitely a great cause, and the little things that we can do to help are what we are going to do. The community service that we do is something that we take pride in, and know that we can get out in the community and help with others, especially with little kids. I definitely love that a lot. The little time that we take out is a big thanks for them."

    Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
    On differences in the second meeting with Indiana:
    "They went and laid the ball in the basket every time they touched it."

    On the play of Ashley Jones off the bench:
    "She has been playing hard, practicing hard and really hasn't gotten the opportunity and we just need to add some athleticism to our lineup. AJ gives us a lot of it, she really does. I think today she demonstrated a lot of good things. I thought she played extremely well. I was happy for her. She finally got an opportunity and I was even more happy that she was able to get in there and do some things. At times we need to have a little better size, be a little more athletic and at times I thought Indiana was just walking right around us. They drove around us every time they put their hands on it. We just never stopped them, but she was able to get in there and at least provide some one-on-one defense, which is so critical in these kinds of games."

    On the team's defensive play:
    "Our defense was not very good. Against Northwestern we were very good and against Indiana...they scored 74 points on us, shot 24 free throws and we fouled them 20 times. That is a lot. You are just letting people get to the rim. Whether we are that poor on defense or they are that good on offense I am not really certain, but I do know that when your defense stops people, your offense works a whole lot better."

    On the team getting into foul trouble early:
    "It probably upset some of the rhythm, but we didn't really turn the ball over except for the fact that we travel every time we put our hands on it. We need to work on that just a little bit. The rhythm isn't quite as good because they don't play together as much. So that is something that is a little different for them."




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