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    Indiana vs. Ohio State Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 25, 2008

    Indiana Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack

    Opening Statement

    "This is a good day because we can see our young women's teeth. They're smiling in the locker room. We came off a real tough situation in Wisconsin, and we jumped on them really hard, and they handled it. They came into practice, and they went three days hard. They paid attention to the defense, and they bonded together, and it is great to see that. I just think we played a collective team effort. Everyone stepped up."< br>

    On limiting turnovers in the game: "They're taking care of the basketball. We didn't make the long passes as often as we usually do. We really passed the ball and we were going to be the one that catches it. They did a great job of playing team basketball, making the pass and coming towards the ball."

    On stopping Jantel Lavender:
    "We just tried to change up our defense as much as we could, and you can't keep a great player down. I have the utmost respect for (Jantel) Lavender and what she is going to do in this conference. We just kept changing it up a little bit for them, and Whitney Thomas is just a quiet leader. She trapped on her own. She didn't trap when she felt like Amber (Jackson) was holding her by herself. I think Whitney brought that kind of intensity against Lavender that made it hard for her to score anyways."

    On coming back from an 12-point deficit:
    "Our goal was to not look at the score, to just keep plugging away and continue to stay battle ready for the entire 40 minutes, and at the end of the game, if we keep it close, we've got a shot. All we wanted to do was to give ourselves a shot. If we would've started looking at the score and started panicking, we would've taken ourselves out of it. These young ladies have been practicing too hard to relinquish this game. I'm just really proud of them."



    On keeping the same lineup for much of the end of the game:
    "The synergy was working. The energy was great and it turned into synergy. We talked about having a rhythm out there. I felt like that group had a rhythm. I was really conscious of Jori (Davis's) situation, but she never seemed like she was in any kind of discomfort at all, so we just kind of went with what was working, and I thought that was a synergized kind of group."

    On getting into the Big Ten Tournament:
    "What we're going to do is look at the film and try to find the things that we can get better at, practice, and go after Minnesota tomorrow in practice. Then we'll go after Minnesota again on Wednesday. Have a good shoot around and then play a good Minnesota team on the road. That is the only focus we have. We are just not that kind of team that we can look ahead and think about what tomorrow brings. All we have is the moment, and we're going to keep this team in the moment."

    Sophomore guard Jamie Braun
    On her better play in the 2nd half:
    "The second half, I was just attacking more. In the first half, I wasn't playing my game. The second half, I just came out and played my game, and I just had some penetration and made some baskets."

    On the team's defense late in the game:
    "We just started talking a lot more and helping each other out, and that just seemed to help our team defensively and kept them from scoring."

    Freshman guard Jori Davis
    On her emotions before the game:
    "I was just really happy to get back. I had a lot of energy, so I was thinking about giving back to my team. I was going to give as much of myself to my team so we could get this win. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen going into it, but I just was going to give it my all"

    On the team's defense late in the game:
    "The energy was there. We were talking. A lot of trust was going on, so it was impossible for them to really attack because every time (Marscilla Packer) would drive there was help. There was just a lot of good things going on for us on defense."

    Ohio State Head Coach Jim Foster
    On the Buckeyes being up by 10 with under six minutes to play:
    "I think they played very well. I think they really took it to our guards, beat us off the drive, off the dribble. I thought their guards played very well.

    On the play of Indiana's Jamie Braun:
    "She is just a very good offensive player. She has a game; she has a sense of who she is and knows what her strengths are. She doesn't shy away from wanting the ball in her hands when the game is on the line. She just made some big-time plays."

    On Shavelle Little playing just 20 minutes with a knee injury:
    "It is bothering her. I think when she is right, her defensive intensity...I thought she took good care of the ball, except when she went down there on the baseline a couple of times. But we lose that, the start of our defense, the pressure.

    On the play of Tamarah Riley:
    "Well if Tam wasn't here tonight this game would have been a blowout. She kept us in the game. Jantel (Lavender) struggled, I think, for the first time this year. Tam was there to pick up a lot of what was left.

    On Tamarah Riley fouling out before overtime:
    "I think it hurt significantly. She was a consistent player out there.

    On Indiana's advantage at the free throw line:
    "I think they were putting the ball on the floor and I think we weren't rotating."

    Senior Forward Tamarah Riley
    On the game:
    "Personally I don't really feel good about the game at all because when the team loses, you lose too. It doesn't matter how good you played (individually). I think we all need to get in the gym and we all need to pick up and look at film and see what we lacked at today and pick it up for the rest of the season."


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