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    Penn State at Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 2, 2008

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    IU Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack

    On the fans and the team in general:
    "The fans they really, really love Nikki (Smith) and it showed. For the four years she has been here they have shown a lot of support for her. And that is kind of who we are. We are a good team. From day one I have said that we are NCAA team. Every now and again we get in that valley and we stay a little too long. We can't do that anymore because there isn't anymore time. We have to go to the peak now and stay there, because there just isn't anymore time. We are at a one game season now. Kim Roberson is one of the best defenders in the Big Ten. When she gets out there and gets a loose ball then everyone goes. When Nikki steps up and hits a three then everyone feeds off that and we just get a lot of momentum going with both of them. We have some players on our team that can do some big things. We just have to have the courage to do it on a consistent basis. "

    On the low number of turnovers:
    "We are absolutely happy with the low turnovers, but what I really like are the assists. We played unselfish basketball and we actually can pass the ball and be an unselfish team. We had a team talk and they really bought into and now they are seeing what happens when they make that extra pass."

    On closing out the season with a win:
    "We took care of that ball. We are a really good team right now. Right now it is a one and done season. It is a one game season. We have to decide now how many one game seasons we are going to have. I think that we can do well."

    On the Big Ten Tournament:
    "There isn't a lot of time to think about the opponent, which is good. We need to keep it about Indiana. We play good defense, we run the floor, we take the open looks those are the things we need to keep focusing on. Therefore it doesn't matter who we play we just play our game and do our best to win."

    Senior guard Nikki Smith

    On the fans and her career:
    "You know the last four games have been amazing here. We don't pull the greatest numbers, but our fan base is one of the greatest around. They come in day in and day out and they are really faithful. I just really appreciate everyone coming out and supporting us. Like I said I really do love this university and I am so proud to be a Hoosier."

    On her last game in Assembly Hall:
    "Just when I went out there, I started to realize it was the last time I would be out there. Coach Jack said something before the game and I about starting crying and I was like `oh here it goes'. I just remember when I was sitting over there last year and it seems like its so far away but it really isn't. It goes by so fast."

    More on the fans in attendance:
    "I was just so happy people came out and supported us and it changes the game so much. You have so much energy in the building and it just makes it so much better. I don't think they realize how much it means to us with everyone coming out like that. It brings us to a whole other level."

    On the game:
    "Our ball movement was really good today. I really didn't have to do much today. I just sat out there and got some good looks and knocked them down. Kim (Roberson) penetrated well and with the ball movement it was just really good."

    Junior guard Kim Roberson

    On her overall game:
    "I just wanted to play my best for Nikki and make sure that she came out on top."




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