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    Dayton at Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 22, 2009

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    Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack
    Opening Statement
    "What a game, what a fantastic game, Dayton is a very good team; a young team that is going to continue to get better, but I tell you - it is our time. It is our time to go out there and compete, to lose a lead, to gain a lead, to keep fighting, stay focused and have the players together as a unit. How ironic that the last play of the game involved the two kids that stayed through three coaches, how ironic, Whitney and Kim. And how ironic to have these two lead us, Jamie and Amber - our leading scorers all season long, we lost that a little bit, but they came back today to show you that we are a team that knows how to fight.

    "I couldn't be more proud of these young ladies, I've been coaching for seven years, and in those seven years I have never accomplished a 20 win season - and to achieve that 20 win season on the back of the two kids that started the whole thing off just makes my heart beat a little bit harder."

    On the final play:
    "That is the way we designed it. I was worried for a second that it might be too far up, but we didn't have another choice except to take a great passer and a great catcher to finish that off. I have to thank all of the volleyball coaches at Bloomington North for helping Whitney develop her jumping ability - because when you look at that play, it looks like slow motion and Whitney is shoulders above everyone else. And she is left handed on the right hand side."

    Senior Forward Whitney Thomas
    On the final play:

    "I got a back screen when that guard switched off, and my height against hers matched up perfectly, I didn't see a player in front of me at all - I just saw the ball and the basket. "

    Senior Forward Amber Jackson
    On winning in the postseason:

    "Myself and three others are seniors, and this is our last go around of the season, so we just want to play as long as we can, pursue a championship, and try and hang a banner. Obviously we are disappointed that we didn't make the NCAA Tournament, but we are not going to hang our heads - there are still a lot of games left to play."



    Junior Guard Jamie Braun
    On leading the team:

    "When you have five people out there on the court that are confident enough to want the ball and take the shot, it's going to give you a higher percentage. With whoever it goes to, you know that they will have the confidence to shoot the shot and give us the confidence out there on the court that whoever we give it to, they are going to make that shot for us to win the game."


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