Women's Basketball

    No. 21/22 Florida State 85, Indiana 78

    Go Hoosiers! Freshman Jori Davis
    Go Hoosiers!
    Freshman Jori Davis
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 30, 2007

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    No. 21/22 Florida State at Indiana
    Postgame Quotes
    Nov. 30, 2007

    Indiana head coach Felisha Legette-Jack

    Opening Statement
    "I think what you witnessed today is the way Indiana women's basketball is going to be for a very long time. We went out we played hard, we competed, we didn't back down, we didn't look at our mistakes and drop our head. If we made a mistake we kept playing. I'm very proud of our young team and we're getting better and we're getting older every single day, every single practice, every single game. We will continue to work on some flaws, but today we are going to understand that this was a loss but it also was a growth and we're going learn the lessons through this."

    On the youth of the team and how they played together:

    "We had to go to our bench very early and we would pick names because of the positions that they play. We didn't think about freshman we thought about if we need a post, we would go Georgia; we need a guard, we would go Whitney (Lindsay). We just have a team and they responded for the first time that they were just players and we talk about going out there and celebrating our gift that we've been given and its not your right to hide your gift when your out there on the court and tonight our young women played with all of their effort showing their gift."

    On sticking with the game plan that was set up for this game:

    "I did, but its not because we lacked attack. We certainly attacked just the same. I think that they are going to go away knowing that our attack was just as quick as their attack we can't control anything but our efforts and our effort was if they guard us tight we take it to the hole and if they don't guard us tight we take the outside shot and we stuck with our game plan and they got the opportunity to go to the line a lot more than us."

    On the effort from the team and how they performed

    "I wouldn't trade this team for nothing in the world. This team, they take on the personality of the coaching staff. We all asked them to give us everything they had. We can't control the outcome. We can't control the shots going up. We can control our effort and our effort was a good enough effort that every fan in the stands will be back to watch us again. Whether our players are playing in front of 10,000 or the coach's friends, we can fill this place up the way its supposed to be".

    Sophomore guard Jamie Braun

    On the height advantage of Florida State

    "I don't look at the height, I just looked at trying to penetrate and I don't know how I do what I do when I'm playing. I don't realize what I do, I just go in their and I don't look at their heights. I just put it up.

    On getting 11 rebounds with teammates in foul trouble

    "We started crashing the boards, so definitely with them out they weren't boxing me out too much so there were definitely rebounds."




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