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    Indiana vs. Bowling Green Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers! Senior Nikki Smith
    Go Hoosiers!
    Senior Nikki Smith
    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 16, 2007

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    Indiana vs. Bowling Green
    Postgame Quotes
    December 16, 2007

    Indiana Head Coach Felecia Legette-Jack

    Opening Statement:
    "We realized that we are just a team. There is no major player on our team at all; we are just a group of young women that decided to come together and when we come together good things happen. Today they put it all together. Our free throws, we didn't make a lot of them in the first half and our goal was to make it to the basket more so we can have a better percentage. I think that by attacking the basket and being methodical and focused good things happened for us and I think it will continue to happen in the future."

    On the slow start on the boards:
    "We weren't boxing out. We were very focused; I thought we were focused but then we got a little over aggressive. That cost us to get into foul trouble a little bit but it also put us out of position to box the rebound. We were certainly trying to rebound and box but because we were out of position it took us out of the way. So we decided that we were going to be a little bit more poised and focused and stay in position and stop reaching."

    On bouncing back from a four-game losing streak:
    "Every day is a good day to get a win. Certainly with the last four games we definitely learned lessons and have gotten better along the way. One thing we were doing the last four games was one person would step up, somebody else wouldn't. And then someone else would step up and we didn't have the whole team. Today, everybody stepped up and everybody did their part and everyone pointed the finger outward when it came to empowerment and we didn't think about ourselves as much as we were thinking about the team. We were thinking about the team more than ourselves and great things seem to happen when you give that energy outward."

    On the play of Whitney Thomas:
    "Whitney is trying to score and help us win. Everybody had the green light to put the ball up. Anybody open has the opportunity to shoot it. Whitney seemed to ignite us. I tell you, her energy, her numbers never say how good she plays and how hard she plays. But she certainly is a force inside for us."



    On holding Bowling Green's leading scorer Kate Achter to 8 points:
    "We just said we don't want any looks for her. If anybody is going to beat us let it be someone else outside of her. In the first half she was able to get some things off because our better defender, Kim (Roberson) was on the bench and when Kim got out there she locked her up a little bit and got her discombobulated and our guards stayed so disciplined and never gave her looks to the three. She is a great player but on this given day we decided to be better."

    Guard Nikki Smith
    On facing familiar players from her high school days in Ohio:
    "It is a big win for me because we got our butts kicked by them the last two years and for me I feel like we played more as a team today than we ever have. Going out in front of people that I know and showing them that we are Indiana and this is what our team is all about is more rewarding than just going out there for myself. The team win tonight, it was just so much fun out there."

    On her improving play as the season progresses:
    "I did struggle in the beginning but I think that you have to hit "rock bottom" where you have to realize that you might not be as good as you think you are. And you might have to realize that you better get your butt in gear or you are not going to play. Just because you are a senior doesn't mean that you have the right to play all the time. Coach Jack did a really good job with telling me what I need to get better at. And my teammates are so supportive and every single time I miss a shot all four of them out there come up and pat me on the back."

    Guard Jamie Braun

    On recovering from her slow start in the game:
    "I think in the first half I just didn't come out looking to attack the basket that much. In the second half, after I got sat, I came out with a little more energy and just looked to attack."

    Forward Amber Jackson

    On recording a double-double (17 points, 11 rebounds):
    "Our last few games I struggled a little bit so I made it a focus everyday in practice to work hard and just to get better. Tonight I wanted to be assertive and just work hard and whatever came, came and it turned out that it worked. I don't put a goal in my head in terms of numbers for points and rebounds, just to work hard."


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