Women's Basketball

    Indiana vs. No. 13 West Virginia

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 22, 2007

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    Head Coach Felicia Legette-Jack

    Opening Statement:
    "Today we took a step up in our program. Today we played a great team, a fantastic team ranked 13th in the nation and our team decided not to care about 13; they didn't care about anything other than the fact that we are a focused team and it is about Indiana women's basketball. We stepped up and we did a great job. We are very excited about where this program is going. What a way to go home for Christmas."

    On Indiana's success against quality opponents in the last three games:
    "We don't look at the negative at all. We lose four games in a row and we don't even realize it. We just thought of the things we needed to fix. Every time we fix something, something else was different. So we didn't have the same mistake two games in a row. We are a young team and that is a blessing. We are excited that they are learning their lessons and we are moving forward. We don't think about playing other teams, per se. We are just trying to get somewhere. Our journey is long and right now we are playing good basketball. I think we are in synch. We are playing towards March. We are looking forward."

    On building a 12-point halftime lead:
    "Our kids are taking the open shots. That is one thing that we talk about; that the basketball game is a microcosm of life. If you don't take that first shot or go after that opportunity, then you are not promised to have that second opportunity. So our kids moved the ball around real nice, we set good screens and we took open shots."

    On the team's performance at the free throw line:
    "That is fantastic. Our first half we struggled at the free throw line. We didn't make a couple of front ends on the 1-and-1 and we said to each other that if we are going to be this bad on the free throw line then we've got to get to the line more. The more you get to the free throw line, the more rhythm you get and our kids jump on that rhythm."

    On thanking the crowd after the game:
    "Sometimes it is kind of redundant but I just feel like this is a big game. This is a program changer in my opinion. They are 13th in the nation. Not a lot of 13s in the nation's program are going to come to your gym or want to play unless you are in conference play. For them to come out here; in order to get somewhere you have to play somebody. And then when you play somebody, you have to beat somebody. We beat a great team today and I want our fans to realize that. This was a very good team and I think this is going to take our program to another level."

    Guard Nikki Smith
    On the team going 9 of 20 from the three-point line:
    "I think that we do a really good job of finding the open gaps and making sure that our teammates get the shots that they want to take. I think that our post players and Jamie (Braun) do a really good job of finding the open person and it makes it easier to get off shots when you are getting in the gaps and you are wide open."

    On the continued improvement in her shooting:
    "Coach always said it isn't whether you start (the game), it is where you finish. I have the easy part, I get to shoot the wide-open shot. With the Whitney Thomas(es) and Amber(s) (Jackson) and Jamie has the hard part of getting double-teamed and getting really pressured and I just have the easy part of spotting up and doing what I love doing."

    Forward Amber Jackson
    On the flow of the game:
    "We just played hard every time we were on the floor. We know they are good team and they were going to try to come back. They have only lost to Tennessee this season before us and we knew that they were going to keep coming so we said that we were going to keep coming. At halftime we said we were down 10 instead of being up 12 and it helped us stay focused on working hard on every possession."

    Guard Jamie Braun
    On facing an aggressive defense:
    "To be honest I love when people play man defense against me because I feel if they get up in my shorts I can usually get past them with my first step. Even though I had some turnovers I still liked that they were up in my shorts because if not I had an on-ball screen from Whitney Thomas or whoever else was setting it so it just opened up some openings for the post players and me."




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