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    Diary of Cyndi Valentin, pt. 4 (6-16-04)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    June 16, 2004

    Indiana guard Cyndi Valentin is in Puerto Rico going through training camp with the Puerto Rican National Team. Puerto Rico (2-1) picked up two-straight victories when it defeated Trinidad and Tobago, 84-72, and then picked up an 80-64, victory over the Bahamas. Valentin helped the cause, starting in both games and pitching in 16 points in the second game.

    Puerto Rico suffered its first loss last night to Cuba, 107-48, but will square off with Barbados tonight at 5:00 p.m.

    While in Puerto Rico, the 2004 Honorable Mention All-Big Ten selection is keeping a diary for iuhoosiers.com. Following is her fourth entry:

    "We have done well as a team in our games. The competition is real physical. The referees don't call much, but we have been improving a lot. We are ready for tonight's game against Barbados. Our coaches told us the players are really tall and athletic, but I think we have a good chance of winning."

    "I am still getting used to the spandex uniforms. The first time we had to wear them, we were all a little embarrassed. You could hear all the guys whistling when we took off our warm up suits."

    "Our team is pretty close. There isn't much to do in Cuba, so we usually just hang out in the hotel rooms. I have made a couple good friends on the team. I think we will be keeping in touch after this is over. The language barrier is getting a lot easier. I am picking up more and more Spanish, and my teammates are picking up on my English."

    "This whole thing has been a really good experience, but I am a little anxious to get home. It is so different here. It will be nice to come back and have normal food and stuff like that."




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