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    Get to Know a Hoosier: Alisha Goodwin

    Go Hoosiers! Junior Alisha Goodwin
    Go Hoosiers!
    Junior Alisha Goodwin
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 12, 2010

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The Indiana women's basketball team wants fans to get to know its players by offering a series called "Get to Know a Hoosier." The first in this weekly series is junior point guard Alisha Goodwin.

    Nickname: Goodie
    Most prized possession of no value: My grandmother's head-scarf
    When I'm not in class or at practice, you can find me: Downloading music
    When I grow up, I want to be: a WNBA player
    Favorite athlete: Kevin Durant
    Favorite actor/actress: Will Smith and Angelina Jolie
    Favorite TV show: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Favorite sports movie: Love and Basketball
    Favorite ice cream flavor: Strawberry
    Favorite meal to cook: Fried Chicken
    What I love most about IU: Its tradition
    This is how many text messages I send daily: More than 500
    Strangest talent that I have: I know how to do hair
    Favorite city to visit: New York City
    If I could trade places with someone for a day, it would be: Jay-Z
    Last book I read: The 100 Most Influential Women of All-Time by Deborah G. Felder
    Last movie I saw that made me cry: Remember the Titans
    My hometown is most famous for: Basketball players
    My current ringtone is: Free Mason by RICK ROSS Ft. Jay-Z
    One thing I would need on a deserted island: My family
    This item must go on road trips with me: My iPod and sneakers
    I am most fearful of: God
    Favorite hobby (other than basketball): Dancing
    Song you must listen to before a game to get "pumped-up": Anything by Lil Wayne
    Any significance to the number on your jersey: My dad picked it for me.
    I came to IU because: The great education in my field, I loved what they were about and how it felt like home.
    My favorite thing about Bloomington is: That it's a college town.
    My advice to youngsters would be: To work hard, be passionate about whatever you love, get an education and put forth your best effort every day.
    The best song of all-time is: Thriller by Michael Jackson




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