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    Jori's Journal from Paradise

    Go Hoosiers! Freshman Jori Davis (right) and the Hoosiers took a snorkeling lesson on the Caribbean Sea on Wednesday, Nov. 21.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Freshman Jori Davis (right) and the Hoosiers took a snorkeling lesson on the Caribbean Sea on Wednesday, Nov. 21.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 26, 2007

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Freshman guard/forward Jori Davis took time out of her busy basketball schedule in the U.S. Virgin Islands to write a journal for IUHOOSIERS.com.

    Below is Jori's Journal from Paradise:

    Nov. 20-25, 2007

    The team has been pumped ever since we knew St. Thomas was the place we would spend our Thanksgiving. Yes, we would be away from our families, but we knew playing in this place would be life-changing experience. The trip down was long and boring, until we set foot on the island. My teammates had smiles from ear to ear as we felt the warm air hit our faces, and looked at the ocean light up from the moon. Not to mention when we arrived to the hotel we felt as though we were dreaming. It was a high-class resort with a beautiful view of the ocean, and the best thing was that the beds were super soft. The whole experience from the start was therapeutic.

    The next day was even better. The sun shined over the ocean, making the water look so clear and blue. It was something I had never seen before, unless of course in a movie or on TV. On the ride to practice we rode in a taxi that was really a truck but created seats in the back so people could ride. It seems everyone drove trucks since the hills were so high. The funny thing is it didn't stop them from driving super fast. There were times when the speed limit would say 10 M.P.H. and they were going like 50 M.P.H. Besides the driving, we also had a chance to talk to an island native. He had a strong accent and was so nice. The people here are just full of life and love this place; how could they not, this place is beautiful. Wednesday night we took the sky ride to get to a restaurant that was located on top of a hill. We all had to get into these little carts and let it pull us up a very steep hill. Jamie (Braun), our point guard, was terrified but she soon adjusted. Taking the ride up the hill was our chance to see the whole island and its beauty.



    Minus the loss on Thursday was a nice day. How could we be mad, it was Thanksgiving! We went to eat at a restaurant called Havana Blue; a high class place with a great view of the ocean. The evening was just chill time for the team. We all just sat at dinner thinking about the game, wondering how this will affect the future of our team. As we all gave thanks for being here to experience such an opportunity we knew everything would be ok. There would be another day of battle, and this time we would not come short of victory. For me looking out into the ocean helped to remove all the negative thoughts I had at the moment.

    Our last two days on the island were sad because the day would come when we would have to leave. The last night there we went out to dinner with our parents to a local restaurant that had music and awesome seafood. We danced to a few Bobby Brown and Michael songs, and enjoyed our last hours in the Virgin Islands. I'm sure we all could have stayed a little bit longer.


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