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    Leah Enterline Feature (12-15-03)

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    Dec. 15, 2003

    Basketball A Family Affair For Enterline

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    After taking one look at Leah Enterline on the basketball court, it is clear that she is tenacious on the defensive end and is fearless about getting to the rim on the offensive end.
    What can't be seen is the fact that Enterline once split time between her basketball shoes and her dancing shoes and still lists her baby blanket as one of her prized possessions.
    "I've just always had my baby blanket for as long as I can remember," Enterline said. "I wasn't one of those little kids who carried around their blanket everywhere, but I have always slept with it and I still have it with me here in my dorm. There aren't too many college students that still have their baby blanket with them."
    Such is life beyond basketball for Enterline, a member of the first nationally-ranked recruiting class in Indiana history.
    As for life on the court, Enterline got involved with basketball at an early age and never looked back.
    "Basketball has always been a huge part of my life," Enterline said. "I have played since second grade. My dad, my uncle and my grandpa are all referees, and my other uncle was my high school coach."
    Enterline's father Robert is an Indiana University graduate that referees women's NAIA games, while her grandfather Robert, Sr., referees mainly in the middle school ranks. However, it was her uncle Bryan that first planted the seed of her suiting up for the Cream and Crimson.
    "My uncle can't referee here anymore now that I'm at IU, but he misses it," Enterline said. "He actually was the one that first sparked my interest in playing here. He refereed some of Coach Bennett's games before and thought she was a great coach. He really liked her as a person and as a coach. When she was named head coach at Indiana, he was the first to point out that I would fit in well with the coaches and with the system."
    How's that for a favorable call from a referee?
    Enterline may have grown up in a basketball family, but dancing was actually one of her biggest hobbies early in life.
    "I actually did all kind of dancing," Enterline said. "I'm part Hawaiian, so I used to do the Hula in talent shows. I danced from the time I was in kindergarten until about fifth grade, but once dancing and basketball started to conflict with each other, it was time to hang up the dancing shoes and lace up the basketball shoes."
    When Enterline made the decision to pursue basketball, her family supported her. They still do, evidenced by the fact that she routinely has a significant number of family and friends at each home game and even has a following on the road.
    "My family is so close," Enterline said. "That was probably the biggest adjustment I had to make when coming to IU. Even though Monroeville (Enterline's hometown) is just about three hours away, it was hard to move away. I get homesick easily, but being here with this team is great. The players and coaches really act as a family for me here."
    And in any family, there's a leader.
    "Playing for Coach Bennett is a dream come true," Enterline said. "She has really challenged me to get better handling the ball as I make the move to point guard. She expects the best and really pushes us to get better all the time."
    Only a freshman, Enterline will be a name to get used to around Assembly Hall, but on campus is another place where she wants to excel.
    "I'm a biology major right now and I want to go pre-med," Enterline said. "I'm not sure what I want to do with it though...maybe optometry, dental work or orthopedics."




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