Women's Basketball

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    Indiana University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
    Assembly Hall, 1001 East 17th Street
    Bloomington, IN 47408-1590

    Office e-mail: wbasket@indiana.edu
    Office fax: 812-855-1875
    Web site: Women's Basketball

    Julie Force
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 812-855-3013

    Curt Miller
    Head Coach
    Phone: 812-855-3013
    Email: curtmill@indiana.edu

    Chris Day
    Associate Head Coach
    Phone: 812-855-6436
    Email: cd20@indiana.edu

    Brandi Poole
    Assistant Coach, Recruiting Coordinator
    Phone: 812-856-0769
    Email: blpoole@indiana.edu

    Kevin Eckert
    Assistant Coach
    Phone: 812-855-8904
    Email: kceckert@indiana.edu

    Liz Honegger
    Director of Operations
    Phone: 812-855-3984
    Email: lizhone@indiana.edu

    Jimmy Colloton
    Video Coordinator
    Phone: 812-855-3879
    Email: jcolloto@indiana.edu

    Azjah Bass
    Graduate Assistant
    Phone: 812-855-3013
    Email: azjbass@indiana.edu

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