Women's Rowing

    Allison Trotter  
    Allison Trotter


    Frankfurt, Ill.

    High School:
    Lincoln Way East


    Team Manager


    What are you involved in on campus? (Are you a member of a sorority, any clubs, intramurals etc.?) I'm pretty much devoted to being the IU rowing student manager. I am involved in a few honors societies, such as Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta, but my schedule doesn't allow me to be as engaged as I would like to be.

    Do you have a job or volunteer regularly? Being the student manager and a nursing student doesn't leave a lot of time for a job but I do love to volunteer! I normally only get a chance to really get involved when I'm home on breaks because that's when I have the most time, but I've done everything from a couple years at an animal shelter to volunteering at a local hospital during my last winter break.

    What are you planning on majoring in? I am currently in the nursing school, which is a lot of fun. We're a good group who is dedicated to our soon-to-be profession.

    What are your plans for after you graduate? Are you planning on pursing any sort of higher education? After I graduate, I plan on diving into nursing. I would really like to be an ER nurse, but we'll see, I may change my mind. Either way, my profession is very flexible. I also am really interested in traveling to underprivileged countries and using my nursing skills there as well.

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