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    Indiana Rowing Sweeps Dayton, Duquesne

    Go Hoosiers! Meradith Dickensheets
    Go Hoosiers!
    Meradith Dickensheets
    Go Hoosiers!

    March 29, 2014

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana Rowing opened the spring schedule with a sweep of Dayton and Duquesne under some challenging conditions on Lake Lemon in Bloomington. Saturday's weather brought 38-degree temperatures with a slight rain and sleet combined in addition to an 8-mph cross tailwind and slight chop on the water.

    "I am happy with the results," said head coach Steve Peterson. "As I always say - anytime we sit on the line next to another crew, the first priority is to win the race. So sweeping the day means it was a real team success. We rowed well, in challenging conditions and we came out in front."

    The Hoosiers competed in three 2,000-meter races, winning the First Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8 and Varsity 4. Indiana won the First Varsity 8 race by 27 seconds with a time of 6:43.2, ahead of Dayton (7:10.1) and Duquesne (7:13.1). In the Second Varsity 8 race, IU's Novice crew edged Duquesne (7:26.9) by just over three seconds with a time of 7:23.9. The Hoosiers' 2V8 crew took the race with a time of 6:57.9. Dayton took fourth with a time of 7:30.7. Indiana completed the sweep with time of 7:38.1 in the Varsity 4 race, dominating the competition. Duquesne's `A' boat took second in 8:31.7, while it's `B' boat finished in 8:36.6 for third. Dayton took fourth in 8:39.5.

    "At this point, these wins are simply a direct result of the work all of the crews put in over the winter," Peterson said. "Because we have less than two weeks of practice on the water, we have not even begun to discuss race strategy such as a starting sequence, making moves, or sprinting. Instead our focus is still on establishing the fastest and most efficient rhythm for each crew and pushing their physiological limits while maintaining that rhythm. Simply put, right now we have one goal and one goal only - to move the boat as far as they can each and every stroke. In time, we will begin to work on the specific aspects of our race plan."



    The Hoosiers return to the water when they play host to West Virginia on Saturday, April 5 from the Dale England Rowing Facility in Bloomington.

    First Varsity 8
    1. Indiana, 6:43.2
    2.Dayton, 7:10.1
    3.Duquesne, 7:13.1

    Indiana Lineup:
    Karly Kikkert (coxswain)
    Alice Wright
    Meradith Dickensheets
    Madison Treser
    Alexandra Morrison
    Danielle Rassi
    Lindsey Barber
    Olivia Gugliemotto
    Alexandra Eaton

    Second Varsity 8
    1. Indiana, 6:57.9
    2. Indiana Novice, 7:23.5
    3. Duquesne, 7:26.9
    4. Dayton, 7:30.7

    Indiana Lineups:
    (Second Varsity 8)
    Kelsey Cundiff (coxswain)
    Spencer Manton
    Hanna Henry
    Emma Miller
    Alessia Uhle
    Kaitlyn Palmer
    Kaelin Blessinger
    Grace Mendel
    Kim Gilmour

    (Novice 8 - racing as the 'B' boat)
    Alexandria Hunt (coxswain)
    Katie Dreessen
    Nicole Paulides
    Carly Lovett
    Stephanie Volkmar
    Emily Barber
    Monica Funk
    Cynthia Stanton
    Lauren Munley

    Varsity 4
    1. Indiana, 7:38.1
    2. Duquesne A, 8:31.7
    3. Duquesne B, 8:36.6
    4. Dayton, 8:39.5

    Indiana Lineup:
    Nora Happ (coxswain)
    Caroline Comey
    Aly Schmit
    Katlin Brown
    Katie Engel


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