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    IU's 2V8 Leads the Way in Final Day of Clemson Invite

    Go Hoosiers! Indiana's 2V8 picked up two wins today over several ranked opponents to lead IU.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Indiana's 2V8 picked up two wins today over several ranked opponents to lead IU.
    Go Hoosiers!

    April 20, 2014

    Site: Clemson, SC (Lake Hartwell)
    First Varsity 8 Finish (Session II): No. 13 UCLA 6:47.9, No. 15 Wisconsin 6:51.4, No. 20 Indiana 6:51.8, No. 14 Harvard 6:57.8, No. 18 Clemson 7:03.1, Tennessee 7:11.7, Texas 7:18.8
    First Varsity 8 Finish (Session III): No. 13 UCLA 7:04.3, No. 20 Indiana 7:05.5, No. 12 Washington State 7:11.4, Michigan State 7:1.6, Dartmouth 7:13.1, Cornell 7:16.0, Clemson 7:20.2

    Second Varsity 8 Finish (Session II): No. 20 Indiana 6:57.4, No. 14 Harvard 6:57.9, No. 13 UCLA 7:00.4, No. 15 Wisconsin 7:07.4, No. 18 Clemson 7:13.4, Tennessee 7:15.3, Texas 7:19.4
    Second Varsity 8 Finish (Session III): No. 20 Indiana 7:22.4, No. 13 UCLA, No. 12 Washington State 7:27.4, Michigan State 7:37.7, No. 18 Clemson 7:41.3, Dartmouth 7:41.7, No. 16 Cornell 7:55.3

    CLEMSON, SC - No. 20 Indiana Rowing posted another successful outing in day two of the Clemson Invitational with its Second Varsity 8 crew picking up two wins over some of the top crews in the country on Lake Hartwell. IU's First Varsity 8 crew also finished strong with a second and third place finish among steep competition.

    Weather also effected day two of the Clemson Invite as high winds cut racing short in the final session. Saturday's racing was abbreviated to one session due to poor course conditions.

    "This was another good weekend of racing for all of our crews," said head coach Steve Peterson. "We saw a lot of great competition and had to learn how to handle tough racing conditions. Both of these lessons are extremely valuable to have learned as we get closer and closer to our Big Ten Championship."

    Indiana's two wins in the 2V8 came over a stacked field, which included No. 12 Washington State, No. 13 UCLA, No. 14 Harvard, No. 15 Wisconsin, No. 16 Cornell and No. 18 Clemson. The Hoosiers opened today's racing just edging Harvard (6:57.9) at the finish with a time of 6:57.4. IU finished three seconds ahead of the Bruins (7:00.4), seven seconds ahead of the Badgers (7:07.4) and 16 seconds ahead of the Tigers (7:13.4) on their home course. Tennessee took sixth with a time of 7:15.3 and Texas took seventh with a time of 7:19.4. In their second race of the morning, the Hoosiers continued to dominate the field, beating UCLA (7:24.7) by two seconds with a time of 7:22.4. Washington State took third in 7:27.4, followed by Michigan State (7:37.7), Clemson (7:41.3), Dartmouth (7:41.7) and Cornell (7:55.3).



    In the first 1V8 race of the day, the Hoosiers were edged at the finish by Wisconsin (6:51.4) to take third in 6:51.8. UCLA took first just four seconds ahead of IU with a time of 6:47.9. The Hoosiers beat Harvard (6:57.8) six seconds and finished ahead of Clemson (7:03.1) by 12 seconds. In the second race of the day, IU narrowly missed UCLA (7:04.3) at the finish by one second with a time of 7:05.5. The Hoosiers finished ahead of Washington State (7:11.4) by six seconds. Michigan State took fourth with a time of 7:11.6, followed by Dartmouth (7:13.1) in fifth, Cornell (7:16.0) in sixth and Clemson (7:20.2) in seventh.

    "Results-wise, I am pleased with how the teams did," Peterson said. "Over the course of the weekend ours crews were able to beat a number of nationally ranked, quality opponents. These results just keep reinforcing the fact that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication. And these athletes definitely did that over the winter. Now they are getting the rewards for their commitment."

    Indiana's Novice 8 crew took second in the Third Varsity 8 race, finishing just three seconds behind Michigan State (7:36.3) with a time of 7:39.6. The Hoosiers beat Syracuse (7:42.8) by three seconds and finished ahead of Oregon State (7:47.7) by eight seconds. Washington State took fifth with a time of 7:56.1, followed by Clemson (8:04.1) and Duke (8:10.8). IU's 1V4 crew finished third with a time of 7:59.2, edging UCLA (8:01.2) at the finish. Wisconsin took first in 7:52.4, followed by Harvard in 7:55.1. In their second race, the Hoosiers finished in fourth with a time of 8:42.1, beating out Michigan State (8:45.8) by three seconds. Washington State took first in 8:34.6, followed by Clemson (8:39.2) and UCLA (8:41.0). In the Second Varsity 4 race, Indiana finished in 8:45.4 for seventh.

    "What excites me the most is we still have a month until Big Ten Championships, and that is a lot of time to keep getting faster," Peterson added. "I know the athletes are as excited about the results as I am, but I also know they are not satisfied. They love to go fast and the fun part for them is working to see how much faster they can go."

    The Hoosiers return to action when they play host to No. 9 Notre Dame, Alabama and Rhode Island in the sixth annual Dale England Cup on Lake Lemon, April 25-26. Races times will be announced later in the week.

    First Varsity 8 - Session II
    UCLA 6:47.9
    Wisconsin 6:51.4
    Indiana 6:51.8
    Harvard 6:57.8
    Clemson 7:03.1
    Tennessee 7:11.7
    Texas 7:18.8

    First Varsity 8 - Session III
    UCLA - 7:04.3
    Indiana - 7:05.5
    Washington State - 7:11.4
    Michigan State - 7:11.6
    Dartmouth - 7:13.1
    Cornell - 7:16.0
    Clemson - 7:20.2

    Indiana Crew:
    Karly Kikkert (Coxswain)
    Alice Wright
    Meradith Dickensheets
    Madison Treser
    Alexandra Morrison
    Grace Mendel
    Lindsey Barber
    Olivia Gugliemotto
    Alexandra Eaton

    Second Varsity 8 - Session II
    Indiana - 6:57.4
    Harvard - 6:57.9
    UCLA - 7:00.4
    Wisconsin - 7:07.4
    Clemson - 7:13.4
    Tennessee - 7:15.3
    Texas - 7:19.4

    Second Varsity 8 - Session III
    Indiana - 7:22.4
    UCLA - 7:24.7
    Washington State - 7:27.4
    Michigan State - 7:37.7
    Clemson - 7:41.3
    Dartmouth - 7:41.7
    Cornell - 7:55.3

    Indiana Crew:
    Nora Happ (Coxswain)
    Danielle Rassi
    Alessia Uhle
    Spencer Manton
    Hanna Henry
    Kaitlyn Palmer
    Aly Schmit
    Caroline Comey
    Kim Gilmour

    First Varsity 4 - Session II
    Wisconsin - 7:52.4
    Harvard - 7:55.1
    Indiana - 7:59.2
    UCLA - 8:01.2
    Clemson - 8:05.6
    Texas - 8:18.3
    Tennessee - 8:28.0

    First Varsity 4 - Session III
    Washington State - 8:34.6
    Clemson - 8:39.2
    UCLA - 8:41.0
    Indiana - 8:42.1
    Michigan State - 8:45.8
    Cornell - 8:53.5
    Dartmouth - 8:58.8

    Indiana Crew:
    Kelsey Cundiff (Coxswain)
    Katie Dreessen
    Grace Barbara
    Rebecca Brougher
    Macey Elser

    Second Varsity 4 - Session II
    Iowa - 8:05.4
    Michigan State - 8:09.8
    Penn - 8:17.8
    Louisville - 8:21.1
    Oklahoma - 8:21.4
    Tennessee - 8:34.0
    Indiana - 8:45.4

    Indiana Crew:
    Megan Duffy (Coxswain)
    Emma Miller
    Monica Funk
    Sarah Elser
    Lauren Munley

    Third Varsity 8 - Session II
    Michigan State - 3V8 7:36.3
    Indiana - 7:39.6 (Novice 8)
    Syracuse - 7:42.8
    Oregon State - 7:47.7
    Washington State - 7:56.1
    Clemson - 4V8 8:04.1
    Duke - 4V8 8:10.8

    Indiana Crew:
    Alexandria Hunt (Coxswain)
    Kaelin Blessinger
    Katie Engel
    Emily Barber
    Nicole Paulides
    Cynthia Stanton
    Stephanie Volkmar
    Carly Lovett
    Carly Barton

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