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    IU Rowing Wraps Up Clemson Invitational

    Go Hoosiers! Megan Duffy, junior coxswain for IU's First Varsity 4 boat.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Megan Duffy, junior coxswain for IU's First Varsity 4 boat.
    Go Hoosiers!

    April 21, 2013

    Complete Results | Day One Recap

    CLEMSON, SC - After another late schedule change due to inclement weather, the Indiana Rowing team concluded racing at the Clemson Invitational on Sunday, April 21, but only competed officially in the First Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8 and First Varsity 4 races after high winds picked up at Lake Hartwell and forced crews to do a rolling start for the remainder of the morning. Results for races following the first 1V4 were unofficial.

    In the First Varsity 8 race, Indiana narrowly missed Penn (4th, 7:00.0) at the finish line to record a time of 7:01.8. The Hoosiers beat Rhode Island (6th, 7:09.1) by eight seconds to take fifth place. Indiana took fourth in the Second Varsity 8 race after beating out Miami (5th, 7:15.9) by three tenths of a second and Rhode Island (6th, 7:22.1) by seven seconds to take fourth in 7:15.6. In the First Varsity 4, IU took third with a time of 8:21.4, beating Rhode Island (4th, 8:23.6) by three seconds, and finishing ahead of Tennessee (5th, 8:27.6) and Miami (6th, 9:15.7).

    "For the weekend, we made progress in some things and also identified some areas of improvement," said head coach Steve Peterson. "The Second Varsity 8 beat Michigan State yesterday, but we finished fourth in that race. The Varsity 4 beat Minnesota on Saturday for the first time. The Novice 8 were leading and then caught a crab, and didn't recover quickly enough to keep their lead. So we can take some positives away from this weekend, but we also have things we need to improve upon going into the Dale England Cup."

    Indiana returns to action on April 26-27, when they play host to Alabama, Iowa and Notre Dame in the fifth annual Dale England Cup on Lake Lemon in Bloomington.



    1. Virginia, 6:38.2
    2. Miami, 6:56.1
    3. Tennessee, 6:57.7
    4. Penn, 7:00.0
    5. Indiana, 7:01.8 6. Rhode Island, 7:09.1

    Indiana Line-Up
    Coxswain: Karly Kikkert
    8: Kathryn Laine
    7: Meradith Dickensheets
    6: Madison Treser
    5: Alexandra Morrison
    4: Lauren James
    3: Madelyn Shields
    2: Claire Robinson
    1: Macey Elser

    1. Virginia, 6:57.6
    2. Tennessee, 7:08.8
    3. Penn, 7:10.4
    4. Indiana, 7:15.6
    5. Miami, 7:15.9
    6. Rhode Island, 7:22.1

    Indiana Line-Up
    Coxswain: Kelsey Cundiff
    8: Grace Mendel
    7: Kim Gilmour
    6: Ann Thompson
    5: Lindsey Barber
    4: Sarah Browning
    3: Annie Kunze
    2: Megan Fitzpatrick
    1: Mary Koewler

    1. Virginia, 8:00.8
    2. Penn, 8:04.4
    3. Indiana, 8:21.4
    4. Rhode Island, 8:23.6
    5. Tennessee, 8:27.6
    6. Miami, 9:15.7

    Indiana Line-Up
    Coxswain: Megan Duffy
    4: Emma Miller
    3: Olivia Gugliemotto
    2: Sarah Elser
    1: Chelsea Ernest


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