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    Hoosiers in a Three-Way Tie for First at Dale England Cup

    Go Hoosiers! IU battled Duke, Rhode Island and Central Florida in day one of the Dale England Cup.
    Go Hoosiers!
    IU battled Duke, Rhode Island and Central Florida in day one of the Dale England Cup.
    Go Hoosiers!

    April 27, 2012

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - After a race format change due to impending inclement weather on Saturday, the Indiana rowing team is in a three-way tie with Duke and Rhode Island after the day one of the fourth annual Dale England Cup, on Friday, April 27, with 31 points. Central Florida is currently in fourth with 24 points.

    The four teams battled in five 2,000-meter pieces. In the Novice 8 race, the Hoosiers won in 7:35.3, beating out Duke (7:45.0), while Central Florida took third in 7:52.2. IU's second Novice 8 crew finished in 8:10.3. In the Varsity 4, Central Florida won in 7:56.5, while Duke finished in 7:59.4 for second. Rhode Island crossed the finish line in 8:08.8, followed by IU in 8:14.5.

    In the second Varsity 8 race, Rhode Island crossed the finish line in 7:16.0 with Indiana right behind in 7:21.9. The Hoosiers beat Central Florida (7:27.5) by six seconds, as it took third and Duke finished in fourth with a time of 7:32.3.

    In what was the closest race of the day, Duke came away with a win in the first Varsity 8 race with a time of 7:04.9. Indiana and Rhode Island finished even for second with a time of 7:07.8 and Central Florida finished in fourth in 7:15.3.

    Racing is tentatively scheduled to get underway at Riddle Point Park on Lake Lemon in Bloomington on Saturday, April 28 at 8:30 a.m. ET. Stay tuned to IUHoosiers.com for schedule and weather updates.

    Team Standings
    t-1. Duke, 31 pts.
    t-1. Indiana, 31 pts.
    t-1. Rhode Island, 31 pts.
    4. Central Florida, 24 pts.

    Second Varsity 4 (not scored)
    1. Central Florida, 8:15.9
    2. Indiana, 8:22.4

    Novice 8
    1. Indiana, 7:35.3
    2. Duke, 7:45.0
    3. Central Florida, 7:52.2
    4. Indiana 2N8, 8:10.3

    Varsity 4
    1. Central Florida, 7:56.5
    2. Duke, 7:59.4
    3. Rhode Island, 8:08.8
    4. Indiana, 8:14.5

    Second Varsity 8
    1. Rhode Island, 7:16.0
    2. Indiana, 7:21.9
    3. Central Florida, 7:27.5
    4. Duke, 7:32.3

    Varsity 8
    1. Duke, 7:04.9
    t-2. Indiana, 7:07.8
    t-2. Rhode Island, 7:07.8
    4. Central Florida, 7:15.3




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