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    IU Rowing Ends Season 11th at NCAA Championships

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    June 1, 2014

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    Site: Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Creek Park)
    Event: NCAA Championships (Day 3 - Finals)
    IU Results: Team, 11th; First Varsity Eight -- Petite Final, 10th (7:00.10)

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Indiana Rowing team finished 11th overall with 71 points on the final day of the 2014 NCAA Rowing Championships at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.

    "I am just so proud and amazed at what this team has accomplished this year," said head coach Steve Peterson. "They have achieved so much in such a short period of time, I am just honored to be a part of it. To finish in the top 12 nationally was simply a dream less than a year ago, yet now we are ranked No. 11 in the country - wow."

    Indiana opened the final day of action with the Second Varsity 8 crew winning the C final in 6:54.74 to take 14th as a crew overall. IU's Varsity 4 finished third in their Petite Final with a time of 7:56.66 to take ninth overall and the Hoosiers' First Varsity 8 crew took fourth in their Petite Final for 10th overall.

    "All three crews did extremely well," Peterson said. "The day started great with the 2V8 racing a fantastic race. They really stepped up and set the bar for everyone else for the day. I don't know if they could have put together a better race. And just when I thought that was the best race IU could have, the Varsity 4 came down and took it to another level. They came into the NCAA's ranked 13th, and they raced their way to a ninth-place finish nationally. Again, wow is the only word to describe it. They really put everything they had out there for the team. The final race of the day for IU was the V8. As with every race we knew it would not be easy - heck it is the NCAA's. But they attacked the race with everything they had and finished 10th in the nation."

    The Hoosiers were the third-highest Big Ten team to finish with Ohio State (126 points) winning a second-straight National Championship and Michigan (101 points) finishing eighth overall, while Wisconsin finished 16th as a team with 45 points.

    "This year has been an amazing journey for everyone on the team, and these results are definitely proof of the hard work and dedication these athletes had through the year," Peterson said. "The success is also a result of some great work by the coaching staff. All of my assistants are new and young, and they came in with a ton of energy and high expectations. I truly appreciate all of the time and effort they gave as well. Rowing is often times called the ultimate team sport and well in this case - for the 2014 Hoosiers, it has been the ultimate team effort."

    "I know we only finished NCAA's a few hours ago, but I can't wait to get started on next year to see how much further we can go in 2015," Peterson added.

    Indiana Line-Ups - NCAA Championships

    First Varsity 8: Coxswain - Karly Kikkert, 8 - Alice Wright, 7 - Meradith Dickensheets, 6 - Madison Treser, 5 - Alexandra Morrison, 4 - Grace Mendel, 3 - Lindsey Barber, 2 - Olivia Gugliemotto, Bow - Alexandra Eaton

    Second Varsity 8: Coxswain - Nora Happ, 8 - Danielle Rassi, 7 - Alessia Uhle, 6 - Spencer Manton, 5 - Hanna Henry, 4 - Kaitlyn Palmer, 3 - Aly Schmit, 2 - Caroline Comey, Bow - Kim Gilmour

    Varsity 4: Coxswain - Kelsey Cundiff, 4 - Emma Miller, 3 - Macey Elser, 2 - Emily Barber, Bow - Grace Barbara

    Sunday Results
    Second Varsity 8 C Final
    Indiana, 6:54.74
    Louisville, 6:56.30
    Wisconsin, 6:59.39
    San Diego, 7:04.41
    Oklahoma, 7:06.81
    Northeastern, 7:16.01

    Varsity 4 Petite Final
    Ohio State, 7:53.05
    Michigan, 7:55.68
    Indiana, 7:56.66
    Wisconsin, 7:57.30
    Princeton, 8:07.05
    Notre Dame, 8:07.65

    First Varsity 8 Petite Final
    Princeton, 6:51.80
    Virginia, 6:55.91
    Notre Dame, 6:57.52
    Indiana, 7:00.10
    Harvard, 7:03.29
    USC, 7:04.96

    Final Standings
    1. Ohio State, 126 pts.
    2. Cal, 118 pts.
    3. Brown, 116 pts.
    4. Stanford, 110 pts.
    5. Virginia, 105 pts.
    6. Princeton, 102 pts.
    7. Washington, 101 pts.*
    8. Michigan, 101 pts.*
    9. Notre Dame, 81 pts.
    10. Southern California, 72 pts.
    11. Indiana, 71 pts.
    12. UCLA, 68 pts.
    13. Harvard, 62 pts.
    14. Washington State, 58 pts.
    15. San Diego, 48 pts.
    16. Wisconsin, 44 pts.
    17. Louisville, 44 pts.
    18. Northeastern, 27 pts.*
    19. Oklahoma, 27 pts.*
    20. Boston, 17 pts.
    21. UMass, 13 pts.
    22. Jacksonville, 6 pts.
    *Ties for team awards broken by the place finish in the I Eights.




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