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    Indiana Women's Rowing competes in the East Fork Chase

    Go Hoosiers! The Women's Rowing team traveled to Cincinnati for the first race of the Fall.
    Go Hoosiers!
    The Women's Rowing team traveled to Cincinnati for the first race of the Fall.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 22, 2007

    CINCINNATI, Ohio - The Indiana women's rowing team traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to compete on Lake Harsha in the East Fork Chase on Saturday. Sunny skies and warm temperatures, combined with minimal wind, made for great racing as the Hoosier women participated in their first race of the 2007-08 year.

    Because the team only began officially practicing this week, they only sent two varsity crews to compete in the fours event. The two fours came home with first and second honors to make the trip a success. The winning time of 16:53.37 for the 3 mile course was clocked by the Indiana crew, and was made up of Madison Spruell (coxswain), Jenn Maslanka, Jamie Spoto, Cassady Bethel-Thompson, and Ellie Benson.

    "Basically the goal of this race was two fold. The first it was an opportunity for the athletes to race. The second goal was to reward the athletes who came back to school better prepared for the upcoming season."

    Coming in second in a time of 17:07.40 was the Indiana crew comprised of Monica Idstein (coxswain), Mary Kate Murphy, Kiri Crane, Ginny Martin and Laura Fuhrmann.

    Head Coach Steve Peterson felt the trip was a good start for the team, despite minimal preparation for the race.

    "We did not even know who was going to be racing this weekend until Friday afternoon," said Peterson. "So we really went into this race unprepared. Although we still have a lot of technical work and training to do to prepare for the spring, the athletes raced really hard."



    "As I always tell the athletes," Peterson said. "The best practice for racing is racing. So when we get a chance to do it, we take it. The fact that we can put together two groups of athletes who have not been practicing together as crews and come away first and second place in a race is always a good thing."

    The next race for the Hoosiers is not until November 4, when they will travel to Chicago to take on the other Big Ten crews in the inaugural Chicago Challenge. Until that time the athletes will continue preparation for the racing season in the spring. The first competition of the spring will at home on Lake Lemon against Wisconsin here on March 1.

    "We have a lot of very good athletes on the team this year," Peterson said. "That means there will be a lot of competition to get into the top crews this spring. This race was a small reward for those athletes who made the first statement to the rest of the team that they want to be in the top boat."


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