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    IU Rowing Opens Season at Clemson

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 17, 2013

    CLEMSON, SC - The Indiana rowing team opened the spring slate with racing against Clemson, Syracuse, Boston University and Purdue on Lake Hartwell, Saturday, March 16, in Clemson.

    "We had a great week of work but I think the lack of water time showed a little today," said head coach Steve Peterson. "In the Varsity 8 we were really slow off the line and put ourselves in a hole before we even had a chance to race Clemson and Syracuse. In the Second Varsity 8 and Varsity 4's, we actually got out of the start okay but when things really heated up we simply did not respond. But the thing is, we can and will improve on these things with time on the water."

    The Varsity 8 finished third in 6:41.7, just behind Clemson (6:28.5) and Syracuse (6:30.1), and beating out Boston (6:46.9) by nearly five seconds and Purdue (6:56.7) by 15 seconds. In the Second Varsity 8 race, the Hoosiers finished in 7:02.8 for fourth and ahead of Purdue (5th, 7:36.6) and just behind Boston (3rd, 6:53.0). Clemson took first in 6:40.8 and Syracuse finished in second in 6:51.9.

    IU's Varsity 4 took third in 7:45.4, beating out Boston (7:52.7) by seven seconds. Clemson took first in 7:34.4 and Syracuse finished in second (7:38.7). In the Novice 8 race, the Hoosiers narrowly missed beating Clemson (7:03.5) by one second to take second in 7:04.6. IU finished ahead of Syracuse (7:22.5) by 18 seconds, Purdue finished in fourth in 7:25.5 and Boston took fifth in 7:33.4. In the Second Varsity 4 race, Indiana's "A" crew took third in 8:08.4 and the "B" crew finished in fourth in 8:21.7. Syracuse finished in first in 7:49.5 and Clemson took second in 7:51.5.

    "The highlight of the day was definitely the Novice 8 who did not row pretty but did race aggressively in their first official race as Hoosiers," added Peterson. "They will definitely have to work on cleaning up their technique, but they really showed us some fight by leading Clemson until the last few hundred meters of the race. They are definitely going to be a fun group to watch this spring and over the next four years."



    The Hoosiers return to action on March 23 when they hold the IU Class Races on Lake Lemon in Bloomington.

    Varsity 8
    1. Clemson, 6:28.5
    2. Syracuse, 6:30.1
    3. Indiana, 6:41.7
    4. Boston University, 6:46.9
    5. Purdue, 6:56.7

    Indiana Line-Up: Cox Karly Kikkert
    Stroke Grace Mendel
    7 Asja Zero
    6 Madison Treser
    5 Ally Morrison
    4 Claire Robinson
    3 Madi Shields
    2 Katie Laine
    Bow Mera Dickensheets

    Second Varsity 8
    1. Clemson, 6:40.8
    2. Syracuse, 6:51.9
    3. Boston University, 6:53.0
    4. Indiana, 7:02.8
    5. Purdue, 7:36.6

    Indiana Line-Up
    Cox Kelsey Cundiff
    Stroke Macy Elser
    7 Megan Fitzpatrick
    6 Mary Koewler
    5 Anne Thompson
    4 Lindsey Barber
    3 Lauren James
    2 Anne Kunze
    Bow Emma Miller

    Varsity 4
    1. Clemson, 7:34.4
    2. Syracuse, 7:38.7
    3. Indiana, 7:45.4
    4. Boston University, 7:52.7

    Indiana Line-Up
    Cox Megan Duffy
    Stroke Sarah Elser
    3 Chelsea Ernest
    2 Kim Gilmour
    Bow Olivia Gugliemotto

    Novice 8
    1. Clemson, 7:03.5
    2. Indiana, 7:04.6
    3. Syracuse, 7:22.5
    4. Purdue, 7:25.5
    5. Boston University, 7:33.4

    Indiana Line-Up
    Cox Nora Happ
    Stroke Becca Brougher
    7 Aly Schmit
    6 Bridget Smith
    5 Ariel Tourner
    4 Hannah Weller
    3 Devory Dannemiller
    2 Monica Funk
    Bow Danielle Park

    Second Varsity
    1. Syracuse, 7:49.5
    2. Clemson, 7:51.5
    3. Indiana "A", 8:08.4
    4. Indiana "B", 8:21.7

    Indiana Line-Up - "A"
    Cox Shelby Hoshaw
    Stroke Sarah Browning
    3 Gio Dearo de Oliveira
    2 Caroline Comey
    Bow Karen Kiesewetter

    Indiana Line-Up - "B"
    Cox Megan Van Pelt
    Stroke Emily Bush
    3 Lindsey Blum
    2 Gracie Barbara
    Bow Jess Judd


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