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    Hoosiers Square off Against Minnesota, Ohio State and Oregon State

    Go Hoosiers! The Hoosier squared off against three teams on Saturday, bringing in three wins on the day.
    Go Hoosiers!
    The Hoosier squared off against three teams on Saturday, bringing in three wins on the day.
    Go Hoosiers!

    April 15, 2006

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - On a warm and sunny day at the Lake Lemon rowing center the Indiana rowing team matched up against Big Ten rivals Minnesota and Ohio State, along with Pac-10 foe Oregon State on Saturday, April 15.

    For the Hoosiers, the highlight of the day came from the first novice eight of freshman Madison Spruell (cox), freshman Ashley Johnson (stroke), junior Kourtney Beckham, freshman Jenn Maslanka, freshman Jamie Spoto, sophomore Kiri Crane, freshman Jessica Keller, freshman Brittany Billingsley and freshman Kelsey Kapral (bow), who walked away with two of the three Hoosier victories.

    In the first heat of the first novice eight, the Hoosiers and Gophers were neck and neck at the midway point, but the Hoosiers pulled away in the final leg to pull out a three-second win with a time of 6:54.4.

    In the fourth heat of the first novice eight, the second time the Hoosiers would compete in the event, Indiana walked away with another victory. Rowing the course in a time of 6:47.55, Indiana's first novice eight beat out Oregon State and Indiana's second novice eight.

    "Our two wins today are a reflection of the hard work of the entire IU rowing program," assistant coach Carmen Mirochna said. "A team is only as fast as it slowest boat, and generally the novice boats are the slowest ones, so if that is the case we are in good shape for the future. I am proud these women are putting to use the talent they have and are listening to what they are being told. They are seeing what we have known all along."

    Picking up the third win of the day for Indiana was the first varsity four, which had freshman Shelby Jacobson (cox), junior Dana Powell (stroke), senior Liz Marshall, senior Erin Kuehn and sophomore Jessica Newlin in the boat as they knocked off Oregon State in their second race.

    "I feel that our varsity four did the best they have done all season today," assistant coach Fran O'Rourke said. "We have talked a lot about being aggressive lately and they came out and did exactly what we discussed."

    The day started off with the second novice eight race, which included for the Hoosiers freshman Carlie Boese (cox), freshman Stephanie Hamilton (stroke), freshman Allison Parman, sophomore Megan Robb, sophomore Marla Alexander, freshman Stephanie Horvath, freshman Laura Fuhrmann, freshman Rachel Bernhardt and freshman Christina Vernon (bow). At the halfway mark the race was tight with Minnesota pulling away slowly to victory.

    For the second varsity four, Carlie Boese (cox), freshman Melissa Miller (stroke), freshman Allison Blackburn, freshman Ketra Bartek and freshman Ariana Breckner (bow), the day was short, racing in only one event and coming in third behind Ohio State and Minnesota.

    The morning race for the first varsity four saw Minnesota pull out a win over Indiana with a time of 7:35.72 after the first half of the race was extremely close.

    The first varsity eight boat, junior Betsy Hibbard (cox), senior Ashley Airis (stroke), senior Elisabeth Beniot, senior Laura Lazaridis, junior Laura Stebbins, junior Courtney Valerious, junior Rozzie McHenry, junior Colleen Ryan and junior Elaine Deppe (bow) hung tight with Minnesota for the first leg of the race, but fell behind and couldn't make up the gap as the Golden Gophers pulled out the win in 6:38.83.

    "We have just been shooting ourselves in the foot lately," head coach Steve Peterson said. "We made some mistakes and should have regrouped but we never quite did. We have been trying so hard that sometimes we aren't thinking like we should."

    In the final race of the day the first varsity eight dropped their second race of the day to Oregon State who put up a time of 6:36.5.


    1st Novice 8
    HEAT 1
    1. Indiana - 6:54.4
    2. Minnesota - 6:57.4
    HEAT 2
    1. Oregon State - 7:04.71
    2. Ohio State - 7:21.51
    HEAT 3
    1. Minnesota - 7:02.3
    2. Ohio State - 7:21.7
    HEAT 4
    1. Indiana - 6:47.55
    2. Oregon State - 6:49.65
    3. Indiana 2N8 - 7:12.05

    2nd Novice 8
    1. Minnesota - (3.8 second margin)
    2. Indiana

    1st Varsity 4
    HEAT 1
    1. Minnesota - 7:35.72
    2. Indiana - 7:45.52
    HEAT 2
    1. Ohio State - 7:31.2
    2. Oregon State - 7:46.0
    HEAT 3
    1. Minnesota - 7:30.03
    2. Ohio State - 7:35.53
    HEAT 4
    1. Indiana - 7:38.3
    2. Oregon State 7:45.1

    2nd Varsity 4
    HEAT 1
    1. Ohio State - 7:36.39
    2. Minnesota - 7:41.16
    3. Indiana - 8:29.0
    HEAT 2
    1. Ohio State - 7:36.8
    2. Minnesota - 7:37.98

    1st Varsity 8
    HEAT 1
    1. Minnesota - 6:38.83
    2. Indiana - 6:47.38
    HEAT 2
    1. Ohio State - 6:32.16
    2. Oregon State - 6:42.18
    HEAT 3
    1. Ohio State - 6:33.7
    2. Minnesota - 6:38.2
    HEAT 4
    1. Oregon State - 6:36.5
    2. Indiana - 6:49.02

    2nd Varsity 8
    HEAT 1
    1. Ohio State - 6:37.29
    2. Minnesota - 6:44.4
    3. Oregon State - 6:52.81
    HEAT 2
    1. Ohio State - 6:42.5
    2. Minnesota - 6:48.7
    3. Oregon State - 7:00.31




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