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    Postgame Quotes - DePaul at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 16, 2013

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    DePaul vs Indiana Nov. 16, 2013 Indiana Post-Game Quotes

    On what adjustments she was able to make during halftime that contributed to the offensive success:
    COACH BERBARY: "We had to make adjustments because they were very good defensively. We weren't doing what we should have done; we weren't being smart soccer players. We were trying to jam it in the gaps. They wanted us to play within the 18 and we weren't taking the space that they were giving us. At halftime we talked about how they were dropping off, how we had to attack on the dribble, and how we needed better movement off the ball. I think all of that helped us a ton the second half."

    On Veronica Ellis:
    COACH BERBERY: "She is a very mature kid. She has been through a lot in the past 24 hours with her grandfather passing away suddenly. For her to be able to get herself ready for this game and be mentally prepared was big. She was big in the first half too, helping us settle down a little when she first entered the game. We are going to look to her the rest of this year and for many years to come. She's a very mature soccer player."

    On the physicality of the game:
    COACH BERBARY: "I loved it. I thought the referee was great tonight. We need more referees like that who just let us play. I thought he called a great game. There were a few calls that slipped by but I wasn't bother by it. I liked how physical the game was. That's what we need because our team typically isn't very physical. We knew coming in how hard-fought and blue collar DePaul was, so we needed to match that. We needed to match their intensity and we needed to match their emotion."

    On the team's defensive effort:
    COACH BERBARY: "Our defense did a very, very good job. We worked on our defense all week, and it showed. They did a good job of just trying to do what we've been working on all week as far as defending with all 11 players. Our midfield did fantastic on defense tonight, which was something that's been a problem for us the last three games. I was really happy with everyone's defending tonight."

    On the offensive pressure:
    COACH BERBARY: "I honestly never worried about our offense. At one point I did look up with about 27 minutes left, but we talked all week about playing within the moment. These kids have never been in post season action and I told them that if they start to worry about the outcome time will start to stand still, and then the game will be over. I think our kids did a really good job tonight of remaining calm and playing very composed, and then the goal came. Things got a little hectic at the end, I thought we were giving the ball away and losing our composure a little bit, but they weren't going to let this one get away."

    On Shannon Flower:
    COACH BERBARY: "She was absolutely huge. I don't think your typical goalkeeper makes the save she made in the second half with three minutes to go. We ask our goalkeepers to make one big save a half, and that sure was a big one for us."

    On how she was able to stay fresh during the game and come up with two key saves at the end:
    Shannon Flower: "The defense made my job really easy tonight. DePaul really only had two shots on goal the entire night and our team did a good job of keeping the pressure high- the forwards really couldn't even turn on them. That was all on our defene, I really didn't have to do too much tonight.I had to make sure I kept talking and jumping around or shuffling back and forth to stay with the ball, becuase you do start to get a little lonely back there. Coach reminded me at halftime that I needed to keep talking and staying engaged."

    On her game-winning goal:
    Veronica Ellis: "The ball came out and I knew that we have had trouble recently on re-services and finding people in the mix, so I re-routed my run. I saw the keeper starting to come out so I knew I just had to beat her to it. I just had to get anything on it and it would go past her."

    On the missed oppertunites early on offense, and what was the difference on getting her goal through:
    Veronica Ellis: "Their goalkeeper did a really good job of making saves tonight. We had a lot of early chances. but couldn't get them through. Their goalkeeper moved out of her place trying to come up on the ball before her feet were set, so it was just a different scenario than what we were seeing from her early."

    On staying focused late in the game when you are up 1-0:
    Shannon Flower: "I just kept telling my teammates to relax and keep attacking, nothing needs to change. I was still pretty focused at the end even though I wasn't getting much action my way. I saw their player break through and I knew a shot was coming. I took one step to my left to get into position and she went backpost, which is what I thought she was going to do, so I was able to make the save."

    On the team moving on to the second round of the NCAA Tournamnet after beinng picked last in the Big Ten pre-season:
    Rebecca Candler: "It feels great. When Coach Berbery came in she really changed the feeling of being on the team and the atmosphere around it. This is really a testimate to the kind of coach she is and I think it says a lot about the players on our team that we are able to rise above all the adversity. I think we were definitely a little nervous at the begining becuase we were all so excited, but after the 12th minute we started to settle down and play our game."

    On the physicality of the game:
    Rebecca Candler: "It was very physical, but we knew going in that DePaul is a really hard working team. They did a good job of defending us. I think it helped us that we were prepared for this to be a physical game before we started."

    On being named to the Big Ten All Freshman Team:
    Veronica Ellis: "I am extremely lucky to be a part of this team. The seniors have helped me out a lot and they put me in great situations to do good things. I know when I get a chance to finish something I have to do it for them becuase they work so hard and they back me up the entire game. Today this goal was extreemly special to me becuase my grandfather passed away yesterday, and it made me feel as if he was watching over me tonight."




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